The real story behind a data breachDominic Wellington

The real story behind security breaches: the SecOps Gap

The IT security news over the past year or so has been really bad. Sometimes it seemed that each day brought the story of yet another breach, every one bigger than the one before. According to a recent report, more than one billion records were exposed over more than 1,500 individual incidents. It can be difficult to explain how this can happen. After all, most of these breaches exploit known vulnerabilities for which patches have been available for some time. People outside IT operations ask, what is the hold-up? The experience most people have of patching is on their personal computers, where the process nowadays is fairly streamlined and usually painless. You turn on background patching, and you're done, right? So what's so hard about patching servers in a timely manner? Surely, … [Read More]

The Zoo: What Digital Revolution?

The Zoo: What Digital Revolution?

They tell The Zoo that we're standing on the threshold of a digital revolution. But what does that mean? Businesses eliminating assigned office seating and mining companies relying solely on robots show us that every job is now digital. Will IT be able to … [Read More...]

Tech Talent Social

Tech Talent Social Coming to Mountain View

BMC is experiencing explosive growth as we help IT transform digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive business advantage. From mainframe to distributed systems, from SaaS and Cloud to Mobile; global businesses rely on BMC Software to Bring IT to … [Read More...]