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Is Container Pricing the Answer to Mainframe Cost Containment?


It was confidently predicted that the last IBM® mainframe would be unplugged – twenty years ago! Hasn’t happened. Not likely to happen. Mainframes are powerhouses of highly responsive transaction processing and massive data handling – two foundational capabilities for companies who are relying on digital engagement to grow their … [Read more...]

What is Transparent Data Encryption in Db2 and Why Do I Want It?


There have been several high visibility data exposures in the news over the last year or so. As a Db2 DBA, one of your responsibilities is the protection of the data your business needs to run. Your auditors, internal and external, may be demanding action to protect your valuable Db2 data from prying eyes. None of us want the cost, potential fines, … [Read more...]

Moving the Needle on Mainframe Innovation


BMC’s mainframe teams are continuously innovating, and we have again delivered more in the last 90 days to help clients address the changing dynamics of modern digital business. Through our many conversations with clients we learn more every day about your business needs, what the technical requirements are, and what capabilities will help you the … [Read more...]

SQL Performance—Does It Have To Be So Difficult? SQL Performance Made Easy by BMC. – An IBM Systems Media Webinar


Want to quickly identify and tune your most resource-intensive SQL statements? Reduce CPU while improving performance and availability? Performance for Db2 SQL finds and eliminates wasteful SQL statements that are slowing you down. You can effectively tune your SQL, anticipate slowdowns before they impact SLAs, avoid reorgs and costly CPU upgrades, … [Read more...]

AIOps: It’s coming—are you ready?


In a previous blog, “Trusting Automation in Db2 – You Already Do Everywhere Else,” I discussed how automation for your mainframe can save you time and money, and allow you to focus on high value areas of your business. Automation is just the first step towards AIOps and truly unleashing the power of the mainframe in your business. What is … [Read more...]

Db2 11 – End of Service


When IBM announced their continuous delivery plans for IBM® Db2®, one question kept nagging at the back of my mind. Historically, IBM would support two versions of Db2 at the same time (colloquially known as “current” and “current-1”). But if there were to be no Db2 13 (just incremental functional additions to Db2 12), how would IBM remove support … [Read more...]

IMS Database Management Made Easy


IMS has been around for 50 years, and some people believe that it’s as difficult to use now as it was when it was developed to put a man on the moon. However, it’s much easier to manage IMS databases when you use the BMC Database Toolkit that is included with the BMC IMS reorganization and recovery products as well as Energizer for IMS Connect. … [Read more...]