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Elevate Your IT Operations with BMC and Google Cloud

Explore the capabilities of BMC Helix and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to optimize your IT operations with superior efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

Harness the power of BMC Helix integrated with GCP to streamline your hybrid cloud environments. This collaboration provides extensive visibility and actionable insights, enhancing IT infrastructure management.

Collaboration in the Cloud: BMC Meets Google for IT Excellence

Experience the combined power of BMC's artificial intelligence (AI)-driven IT service management (ITSM) and GCP's secure, high-performing infrastructure. Together, they deliver unmatched efficiency and proactive innovation for your enterprise.

How does GCP enhance BMC Helix?

  • Optimized IT operations:

    Leverage GCP’s robust infrastructure and AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities to enhance BMC Helix. Expect improved processing, data handling, and operational efficiency.

  • Dependable and secure:

    Ensure reliable operations with GCP’s secure-by-design architecture, which provides peace of mind and consistent performance.

  • Cost-efficient scaling:

    Benefit from GCP's scalable services, optimizing costs while expanding your IT capabilities.

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How can your business benefit from BMC on GCP?

Streamlined ITSM

Streamlined ITSM BMC Helix on GCP accelerates ITSM, delivering fast service resolutions and deep operational insights.

Enhanced agility and innovation

Enhanced agility and innovation GCP's scalable services and AI/ML capabilities complement BMC Helix, boosting performance and enabling faster response to business needs.

Robust security with global reach

Robust security with global reach GCP’s comprehensive security and global infrastructure ensure the resilience and availability of your services.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable solutions Leverage GCP's commitment to sustainability to align with your enterprise's environmental goals.

What are common use cases?

Adopt BMC Helix on GCP to overcome enterprise IT challenges:

  • AI-driven ITSM: Automate ITSM with AI insights, reducing manual efforts and improving response times.
  • Holistic operational view: Gain a comprehensive overview of IT resources, enhancing resource management and performance.
  • Predictive analytics: Utilize AIOps for proactive problem-solving, ensuring continuous service delivery and high operational standards.

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