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Discover An Exponentially Better Developer Experience

On April 6th, BMC Compuware becomes BMC AMI—a brand focused on delivering a better developer experience in the mainframe and beyond.

Innovation happens when smart developers can focus on what they do best—coding and releasing high-quality mainframe applications quickly, without inefficiency or distraction.


BMC AMI is here to unlock their potential.

On April 6th, BMC Compuware Becomes BMC AMI

BMC AMI has always had developer experience at its core. As the leader in mainframe DevOps solutions, we've made it our mission to optimize developer experience for each product we have in market. On April 6th, we'll reaffirm our commitment with the launch of BMC AMI DevX, a suite that adds robust DevOps capabilities to an already rich BMC AMI portfolio of security, operations, data, and storage solutions.

BMC AMI DevX leverages emerging technologies and extensive automation to help developers innovate faster. The tools streamline all aspects of the developer experience—developers can easily move from coding and editing to testing, debugging, promotion, and deployment, all without leaving their preferred environment. And even beyond improving day-to-day life for developers, the business impacts are significant:

  • Developer productivity increased by 175 percent
  • Release frequency increased by 600 percent
  • Developer onboarding time shortened by 50 percent

Which Products Are Changing?

Mainframe Manager

BMC AMI DevX is a suite of new and existing BMC AMI and BMC Compuware solutions, now renamed BMC AMI DevX. All BMC AMI DevX products are designed to help developers achieve the full potential of DevOps.

Explore the details of each BMC AMI DevX product below, or visit our BMC Community blog post for a complete listing of all BMC AMI DevX products.


This end-to-end developer workbench, formerly known as BMC Compuware Topaz Workbench, lets developers move seamlessly from coding and editing to testing, promotion, and deployment, all without leaving the Eclipse IDE.

This brand-new addition to the BMC AMI portfolio offers a VS Code extension pack that allows mainframe developers to work within VS Code, one of the most popular source-code editors among modern developers.

Previously known as BMC Compuware ISPW, BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline​ accelerates mainframe development with secure and efficient CI/CD processes.

BMC AMI DevX Total Test​, formerly known as BMC Compuware Topaz for Total Test, ensures mainframe code integrity with accurate and automated testing.

Developers can thoroughly test mainframe applications with automated performance, load, and regression testing, ensuring that they won't fail during heavy usage. Previously, this tool was known as BMC Compuware Hiperstation.

This tool, formerly known as BMC Compuware Xpediter, offers debugging, interactive analysis, and visualization capabilities that help developers of all skill levels deploy higher-quality code faster.

This product, formerly known as BMC Compuware Topaz for Program Analysis, helps developers to quickly grasp unfamiliar, complex, or otherwise difficult code. The tool works by visualizing code structure and logic.

Previously called BMC Compuware zAdviser, BMC AMI DevX Adviser offers a user-friendly KPI dashboard that helps development managers to make informed decisions. The technology empowers users to constantly refine their mainframe application development and accelerate delivery.

BMC AMI DevX Abend-AID, formerly known as BMC Compuware Abend-AID, helps developers detect, identify, remedy, and monitor mainframe system abends and faults quickly, reducing the mean time to recovery (MTTR).​

BMC AMI DevX Data Studio provides a single workspace in which developers can easily browse, edit, extract, and load a combination of mainframe and non-mainframe data. Users can also tune intricate data extracts and generate optimal test data sets. Previously, this technology was known as BMC Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data.

BMC AMI DevX File-AID, previously named BMC Compuware File-AID, is a cross-platform data and file management solution that provides quick access to test data and files. Developers can swiftly locate, generate, extract, transfer, reformat, upload, alter and sustain data with this solution.

workbench explorer

BMC Compuware Storage and BMC AMI Storage solutions have helped BMC customers safeguard business data by optimizing backup, recovery, resource utilization, and performance. On April 6th, we will unite these two sets of products by changing the names of our BMC Compuware Storage products to BMC AMI Storage.

You can find a summary of the products below or visit our BMC Community blog post for a complete listing of all BMC Compuware Storage products that are changing. 

BMC AMI Storage FDR, formerly known as BMC Compuware FDRFDR, minimizes administrative effort and data disruption with high-performance management, backup, migration, performance, and recovery capabilities.

Formerly known as BMC Compuware IAMIAM, BMC AMI Storage IAM helps you maximize data storage capacity, reduce VSAM run time, reduce overall CPU consumption, improve CICS, and batch performance.  

According to an IDC survey commissioned by BMC*, a growing number of organizations are actively modernizing the mainframe experience.

82.2% of organizations

want to align the DevOps toolchain and share tools across their infrastructure.

5 out of 10 organizations

say the mainframe should be able to leverage existing compute people, processes, and tools.

*A Mainframe Inclusive Approach to Your DevOps Strategy, IDC, July 2022.

Have Questions?

  • What is happening to BMC Compuware solutions and products on April 6th?

    All BMC Compuware solutions and products will become BMC AMI. Under the BMC AMI portfolio of mainframe solutions, former BMC Compuware AppDev and DevOps solutions will be introduced under a new family called BMC AMI DevX.  Other former BMC Compuware solutions will be transferred to the BMC AMI Ops and BMC AMI Storage families.

  • Why is BMC changing the BMC Compuware solutions and products to BMC AMI DevX?

    In short, we at BMC want the name of our AppDev and DevOps solutions to reflect the value that we are bringing to you. As the leader in mainframe DevOps solutions, we've made it our mission to create the best developer experience with every DevOps product we have in market. As such, our newly introduced BMC AMI DevX suite offers a modern set of capabilities, leveraging emerging technologies and extensive automation to help developers innovate faster by:

    • Performing tasks more quickly and efficiently
    • Seamlessly flowing from coding to editing to debugging to testing
    • Integrating the tools and devices that modern developers use the most