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Developers spend too many hours manually identifying and resolving abends. BMC AMI DevX Abend-AID automatically detects, analyzes, and diagnoses problems across multiple environments, helping developers to become more productive.

Detect and Diagnose Mainframe Problems

With BMC AMI DevX Abend-AID, developers and operations teams can reduce the time and effort required to identify and resolve mainframe application and system abends. This tool captures information on abends in real-time across multiple environments, reducing downtime and improving the overall reliability and quality of mainframe applications. The tool also integrates with other BMC and third-party solutions, allowing for a seamless workflow that helps developers quickly and accurately address issues.

Streamline Troubleshooting and Improve MTTR

BMC AMI DevX Abend-AID provides automated failure alerts via Slack, Teams, or ChatOps with links to root cause analysis, speeding up remediation time. Additionally, the tool allows for automated trouble ticket creation via webhook notifications into BMC Helix ITSM, Jira®, and ServiceNow, keeping everyone on the same page and reducing the chances of miscommunication or missed steps in the resolution process.

Reduce application downtime and speed time to market for new functionality

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BMC AMI DevX Abend-AID reduces application downtime and speeds up the time to market for new functionality. By integrating with other BMC AMI and third-party solutions within a workflow, developers can quickly and effectively tackle problems.

This solution captures source code, working storage, and file, IBM® IMS, IBM® Db2®, and IBM® MQ® information to ensure fast and accurate problem resolution. Additionally, the Dump Capture Address Space technology reduces overhead incurred by production faults across a variety of environments.

DevX Abend-AID demystifies abends for next-generation mainframe programmers by automatically detecting, analyzing, and diagnosing problems across multiple environments. This helps organizations increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their mainframe applications. 

Spot trends and address security issues

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BMC AMI DevX Abend-AID integrations provide insights into potential security issues, spikes in application failures, and other critical areas. The solution helps organizations spot trends and address security issues in a timely manner.

By integrating with BMC AMI Defender, DevX Abend-AID delivers real-time messages from RACF®, ACF2, Top Secret, and Db2 accesses to multiple SIEM engines. This helps organizations identify potential security threats quickly and take appropriate action to prevent them.

The integration with Precisely Ironstream lets organizations analyze trends and spot spikes of mainframe application failures, enabling them to isolate code or environmental issues involved quickly. This enables organizations to respond to potential issues before they become critical problems. In addition, BMC AMI zAdviser provides insights into the types and quantities of abends across all systems and environments, uncovering trends and critical areas requiring attention. This information helps organizations address issues proactively and make informed decisions to improve the quality of their applications. 

"As mainframes continue to play a pivotal role in high performance transaction processing, BMC Software is working to include mainframes into end-to-end DevOps. As a leader in this space, BMC are deserving of this award.”

- Alan Shimel, DevOps.com

DevOps Dozen Winner 2023

Getting started with BMC AMI DevX Abend-AID is easy.