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Improve your ability to manage your IBM® z/OS® storage environment with BMC AMI Storage solutions. This set of solutions help you simplify your mainframe storage subsystems; improve the performance of your virtual storage access method (VSAM) applications; and can even help you migrate from one storage subsystem to another from the same or a different vendor.

High-performance storage management tools

  • Automation: Resolve storage issues before they can cause problems with integrated event management features.
  • Allocation: Ensure that jobs complete successfully the first time they are run and reduce the storage needed for data allocations.
  • Reporting: Monitor and analyze storage statistics to optimize your infrastructure, avoid purchasing additional resources, safeguard subsystem health, and ensure critical applications complete successfully.
  • Performance: Maximize capacity, reduce VSAM run time, improve IBM® CICS® and batch performance, and reduce overall CPU consumption.
  • Storage Management: Get high performance z/OS direct-access storage device (DASD) management, backup, recovery, and archiving.
  • Migration: Maximize performance and resource utilization while minimizing administrative effort and data disruptions with non-disruptive disk and tape migrations.
Your organization’s mainframe storage subsystems house your most critical data and represent a significant strategic investment.

Reactive isn’t good enough


BMC AMI Storage provides powerful, intelligent automation to proactively find and fix issues before they occur. No need to have your experienced personnel write time-consuming code because BMC AMI Storage automation is rules-based and codeless, making it easier to set up and manage. Do more with less—efficiently and accurately.

  • Intelligent, proactive automation for rapid problem detection and resolution using smart alarms
  • Embedded expertise built on the industry’s best experience and knowledge
  • Operational resiliency from actionable intelligence, embedded expertise, and simplified management
  • Interoperability for the secure exchange and sharing of information within the enterprise to solve complex issues
  • Minimal system and management overhead across all solutions, optimized to take advantage of technologies like the IBM® z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) for lower TCO

Find and fix problems with a single view and take control of your mainframe storage environment.

Mainframe professional

See and control your mainframe storage environments with BMC AMI Storage, which gives you a single point of control to simplify complex storage subsystems and ensure application availability.

  • Improved performance and availability through intelligent automation and remediation driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)-powered analytics for faster problem resolution
  • Early problem identification using analytics to predict and respond to problems before they negatively affect service
  • Actionable insight into your data and systems, including intelligent automation and remediation capabilities

Configure and manage all BMC AMI Storage products centrally

Young Mainframe Professional

BMC AMI Storage is intuitive to use, configure, and manage. A modular structure built on a centralized architecture allows you to easily snap in components and increase the solution’s benefits. Manage your mainframe ecosystem holistically to ensure the highest possible availability and performance.

  • Simplified systems management: Leverage a solution that’s easy to implement and maintain with an intuitive user experience and embedded expertise—no specialist required
  • Single view and control: Collect current and historical data from multiple sources into a single view to control all resources and metrics, identify the root cause of issues, and speed problem resolution
  • Consistent backup and recovery: Get reliable backups and recoveries—the foundations of data availability
  • Operational collaboration: Access robust and flexible reporting of critical operations
  • Dynamic reorganization: Optimize storage environment performance with intelligent mainframe storage reorganization and compression
Within z/OS environments, mainframe storage subsystems are highly fluid and critical to operations. BMC AMI Storage provides visibility into capacity, utilization, and performance to ensure high availability for production systems.

BMC AMI Storage Management Solutions


Provides full volume and data set backup and recoveries. Data sets can be restored together or individually.


Delivers a powerful suite of high performance storage management tools including full Volume and application backup, incremental backup, data set archiving, and comprehensive reporting.


A comprehensive storage management report generator that creates easy-to-read, management-level reports, including pre-packaged reports to identify potential problems in the storage management system.


Provides a managed point-in-time backup with minimal data disruption to online processing. Supports IBM, Dell, and Hitachi Fast Copy hardware.


Delivers an intelligent solution for reorganizing VSAM and IAM data sets, including VSAM KSDS, VSAM and IAM Alternate Indexes (AIX), IAM data sets, and PDS compression.


Ensures volumes are operating at maximum performance and efficiency. It consolidates free space on a volume, minimizes multi-volume data sets, and detects logical errors.

BMC AMI Storage Allocation

Ensures the proper allocation of critical application data sets and provides efficient data pooling. Provides data set allocations for mainframe disk and tape environments and reports on exceptions.

BMC AMI Storage Reporting

Monitors and analyzes mainframe storage statistics. Reports on the health of the storage subsystems to ensure critical applications complete successfully.

BMC AMI Storage Automation

Maximizes data set availability by diagnosing mainframe storage issues and automating recovery processes.

BMC AMI Storage StopX37/II

Ensures data sets are allocated efficiently, prevents catalog errors, creates optimal secondary allocations, reduces primary and secondary space allocations, and intercepts storage abends and standard storage violations. This is also available as part of BMC AMI Storage Allocation.

BMC AMI Storage Migration Solutions


Manages mainframe z/OS volume and IBM® z/VM® mini-disk storage migrations with maximum speed and efficiency while minimizing application downtime and service disruptions.


Provides a high-performance, minimally disruptive movement of z/OS data sets to achieve ideal volume consolidation and data set placement for load balancing and I/O contention reduction.


Efficiently erases z/OS volume data with minimal CPU utilization.


Automates labor-intensive tape management activities including tape stacking, tape conversion, tape migration, and copying and re-cataloging tape-based data sets.

BMC AMI Storage Performance Solutions


Provides a transparent alternative to VSAM KSDS, VSAM AIX, ESDS, and RRDS data set types. Shortens application response time by reducing I/O consumption, eliminating index I/O, and lowering CPU utilization. Dynamically tunes buffer utilization with real-time monitoring.


Built on the proven IAM Record Level Sharing (IAM/RLS) technology, IAM/PLEX allows IAM data sets to be shared by multiple CICS regions and batch programs across multiple LPARs in a parallel sysplex environment.

Getting started with BMC AMI Storage is easy