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The future of financial services is here.

Your pathway to success

Meeting the new digital horizon

Financial Meeting

Financial services organizations are expected to be forward thinking and making decisions now that help protect them in the future. To be successful, they need to understand their vulnerabilities and invest in protecting themselves, consumers, and the market.

Since Financial Services organizations have no room for failure around delivery of seamless, integrated, secure services, this regulatory pressure is pushing resiliency to the top of the strategic agenda.

With BMC, financial services institutions can drive business continuity and minimize disruption—with predictable cost—through capacity, cost, and vulnerability management.

Streamline services to speed delivery of a transcendent customer experience

Financial Accelerate

Financial institutions must embrace intelligent, tech-enabled systems across every facet of the business to thrive in a disruptive world.

BMC solutions deliver customer-centered insights that facilitate decision-making to help you meet your customers when and where they are. By increasing scalable services, orchestrating application workflows, and sharing business intelligence across the organization, you can accelerate digital transformation and deliver a customer experience that ensures success.

Integrate and automate to deliver growth

Financial Automate

Financial services organizations, whether traditional banking, insurance, or investment companies, can keep pace with disruption and successfully evolve from their legacy approaches by applying a DevOps mindset and an automation strategy.

By orchestrating application workflows, file transfers, application deployment, data center functions, database changes and updates, financial institutions can focus more resources on business innovation and growth rather than on daily operations.

BMC solutions helps organizations deliver applications and capabilities quickly, use big data insights, and orchestrate new digital services in multi-cloud environments with a mix of API-driven solutions.

Deliver the experience your customers demand

Financial Activate

SaaS solutions allow financial organizations to compete at hyper-speed with hyper-innovation. With a modular architecture in place, it’s possible for financial institutions to innovate in the same ways as all other industries—fast and in-line with customer needs.

With BMC, financial institutions can go beyond responding to market realities to actively creating them, in conjunction with the customer. Mainframe stability, up-time, and data ingestion and output have never been more critical.

Discover how you can drive innovation

Automate everything, everywhere

Literally, automate everything, we mean it. Automation enables financial services organizations to accelerate response to customers' issues and requests, eliminate recurring incidents, and enhance responsiveness with a competitive edge.

Automation impact:

  • Streamline the orchestration of business application workflows
  • Extend Dev and Ops collaboration
  • Simplify application workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Deliver data-driven outcomes faster, in a scalable way

Dissolve silos for digital success

Dissolve silos for digital success

Siloed channels (like web, online, or branches) are neither customer friendly, staff friendly, nor efficient.

Breaking down data silos means your business can achieve:

  • Automation Everywhere
  • Adaptive Cybersecurity
  • Operational Resiliency

Secure, stable, and automatic

Adaptive Cybersecurity

Adaptive cybersecurity is the evolution of security functions that can automatically sense, detect, react, and respond to access requests, authentication needs, outside and inside threats, and help to meet regulatory requirements.

Adaptive cybersecurity impact:

  • Combat internal and external threats
  • Manage cloud security
  • Better secure your infrastructure
  • Meet and exceed regulatory and compliance requirements

Truly self-managed mainframe

With BMC AMI (Automated Mainframe Intelligence), you can leverage intelligent automation to predict, diagnose, and fix resource issues in real time. And you’ll optimize costs and improve the agility and efficiency of your business.

Mainframe modernization impact:

  • Manage, diagnose, heal, and optimize your enterprise IT without manual intervention
  • Automatically perform regular maintenance without affecting performance or availability
  • Control, secure, and have confidence in the integrity of your business-critical data
  • Speed up application development

Drive innovation to deliver growth and thrive in a disruptive market