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Mainframes are showcasing their longevity and adaptability, becoming crucial in managing the growing demands of web, mobile, and AI-driven applications. Embrace a future where hybrid cloud storage drives innovation, resilience, and strategic growth for your organization.

Ready to Unlock the Power of the Hybrid Cloud for Your Mainframe Data?

Today, enterprises are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud architectures as the default model for their IT infrastructure. This approach combines the benefits of on-premises and cloud environments by leveraging the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while maintaining control over sensitive data and legacy systems. In this hybrid multi-cloud mainframe environment, the mainframe continues to play a vital role: it serves as the backbone of critical business operations, housing valuable data that enterprises rely on.


The Mainframe Misconception

Despite predictions of its obsolescence, the mainframe has not only persisted but evolved, embracing modern workloads from Web and mobile to generative AI. However, a fundamental disconnect remains in how organizations store mainframe data—relying on outdated tape or virtual tape libraries (VTL). This disconnect is a growing problem. Fortunately, with the right technology, organizations can now leverage a bi-directional flow of data so they can get the power of the mainframe with the flexible benefits of the cloud.

Why Tapes and VTLs are No Longer Viable

In an era demanding rapid data access and heightened security, traditional tape and Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs) fall short. They struggle with slow retrieval times, heightened security risks, and limited scalability, making them ill-suited for the dynamic needs of modern mainframe data storage in web, mobile, and AI-driven applications.

No Longer Variable
As organizations navigate the limitations of the current state of mainframe data storage to a more efficient, secure, and agile future, it's crucial to understand the pathway to transformation. The following seven imperatives offer a roadmap to the expansive potential of cloud-enhanced mainframe data management.

The Seven Imperatives for Cloud Object Storage Adoption

  • Cost Optimization

    Maximize your financial efficiency by transitioning from capital-heavy tape systems to a cloud-centric approach.

    • Lower Capital Expenditure: Move away from substantial upfront investments.
    • Minimized Maintenance Costs: Reduce the expenses of ongoing hardware and software upkeep.
    • Efficient Resource Utilization: Optimize your resource allocation to avoid underutilization.
  • Reduced Complexity

    Simplify your storage infrastructure to enhance productivity and ease of management.

    • Streamlined Management: Eliminate the complexities of disparate [h1] hardware and software solutions.
    • Scalable Storage Solutions: Meet changing data storage needs without cumbersome physical expansions.
    • Modern Application Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate legacy systems with new technologies.
  • Enhanced Security Compliance

    Elevate your compliance posture with advanced cloud security measures.

    • Robust Data Protection: Prevent data breaches by eliminating physical vulnerabilities.
    • Ransomware Mitigation: Fortify your defenses against ransomware encryption attacks.
    • Comprehensive Auditability: Ensure compliance with stringent regulations.
  • Cyber Resilience

    Build a robust strategy against cyberthreats and ensure operational continuity.

    • Strong Disaster Recovery: Enhance your capabilities to recover from disasters swiftly.
    • Reduced Downtime Risks: Minimize operational impacts from unexpected downtimes.
    • Reliable Data Backup: Ensure quick data restoration with effective backup and replication.
  • Harnessing AI and Analytics

    Use cloud capabilities to unlock valuable insights from your mainframe data.

    • Eliminated Data Silos: Integrate data seamlessly for AI and analytics tools access.
    • Insightful Business Intelligence: Uncover trends and insights for data-driven decisions.
    • Automated Data Processing: Accelerate analytics with automated data processing capabilities.
  • Workforce and Skills Challenges

    Address the talent gap with cloud solutions that require less specialized knowledge.

    • Addressing Workforce Gaps: Navigate the departure of skilled professionals with cloud-based expertise.
    • Accessing New Talent Pools: Draw from a larger pool of talent with relevant cloud skills.
    • Cost-Efficient Expertise: Avoid excessive spending on external consultants and mitigate operational risks.
  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Ensure your storage can grow and adapt with your organizational needs effortlessly.

    • Dynamic Scalability: Efficiently expand your capacity to match data volume growth.
    • Flexible Resource Allocation: Quickly respond to changing requirements.
    • Resource Management Efficiency: Eliminate waste and respond to demand changes effectively.

Empowering Mainframe Data Management in the Hybrid Cloud Era

Learn how BMC AMI Cloud Analytics revolutionizes cloud data management for mainframe systems

Hybrid Cloud Era

Transform your mainframe data strategy