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BMC AMI Cloud Vault provides mainframe cyber threat protection that enables customers to create highly secure, off-platform backup copies of mainframe data—and quickly recover it in case of an attack.


Create Air-Gapped Copies of Mainframe Data

BMC AMI Cloud Vault works with its partners to create immutable copies of mainframe data either on-premises or in the cloud, send backups of mainframe data to object storage that can be air-gapped, and provide a resilient bare-metal recovery that allows standalone recovery from anywhere.

  • Supports standalone (bare metal) recovery from the cloud using multiple data paths.
  • Air-gapped data protection.

Improved Security and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

When BMC AMI Cloud Vault is combined with storage snapshot technologies, it can also improve RPO by enabling multiple, consistent recovery points without having to expand existing mainframe direct access storage device (DASD) capacity.

Recover data at any location

Data Recovery

BMC AMI Cloud Vault supports standalone restore directly from any storage attached to the network, both on-premises or in the cloud, providing fast data recovery at any location, without relying on an existing mainframe operating system.

Data set backups and full-volume dumps

Data Backup

BMC AMI Cloud Vault’s patented technology uses IBM Data Facility Data Set Services (DFDSS) as the data mover to create data set backups and full-volume dumps directly on any storage attached to the network, either on-premises or in the cloud. Using pervasive, immutable, write once, ready many (WORM) storage solutions as the target for backups ensures that all copies are protected and cannot be tampered with.

Fully encrypted data transfer

Data Encryption

All data is compressed before leaving the mainframe, and end-to-end encryption can be applied for even more enhanced data protection.

Protect your mainframe tape data

Tape Data

While mainframe applications commonly bypass writing data to disk by directly writing it to a virtual tape library (VTL), traditional backup software does not back up the application data on VTL, forcing it to function as the primary and only copy of the data. Because the VTL is continuously accessible from the mainframe host, it remains vulnerable to cyberattack or logical data corruption. BMC AMI Cloud Vault can also back up data on tape to secured storage, not only disk.

“BMC seamlessly integrated with our mainframe systems and streamlined data-management processes. The flexibility and scalability of their cloud-based approach positions us to leverage the power of hybrid infrastructure, optimizing storage costs and improving accessibility. Thanks to BMC, we have not only enhanced our data protection capabilities, but also gained the agility to support future growth and innovation.” — Kent Swenson, Vice President Information Systems at America First Credit Union