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Why wait to solve a service issue tomorrow you can solve today?

Slow is the new broken

Protect the efficiency of your services and your customer experience with BMC AMI Ops:

  • Predictive analytics uncover performance issues hours, days, or weeks in advance.
  • Guided response leads you to the root causes of the problem quickly.
  • Automation prevents problems by offloading tasks or setting a response.
  • A seamless UX delivers a united workflow from start to finish—no pivoting across consoles.
  • Strong security protects users through smart card and certificate support without slowing them down.
"Resilient, intelligent modern mainframe platforms leverage tools including AIOps to allow customers to reinvent their business for the digital age.” — Tim Grieser, Research Vice President, IDC

Transform your mainframe systems management

Reactive isn’t good enough


BMC AMI Ops provides powerful, intelligent automation to proactively find and fix issues before they occur. No need to have your experienced personnel write time-consuming code because BMC AMI Ops automation is rules-based and codeless, making it easier to set up and manage. Intelligent proactive automation lets you do more with less—efficiently and with accuracy.

  • Intelligent, proactive automation for rapid problem detection and resolution using smart alarms
  • Embedded expertise built on the industry's best experience and knowledge
  • Operational resiliency from actionable intelligence, embedded expertise, and simplified management
  • Interoperability for the secure exchange and sharing of information within the enterprise to solve complex issues
  • Minimal system and management overhead across all solutions, optimized to take of advantage of technologies like zIIP, for lower TCO

Find and fix problems with a single view and control of your entire environment

Mainframe professional

BMC AMI Ops allows you to see and control data collected from multiple sources on one console. Rapid guided navigation takes you quickly and directly to the source of a problem, which speeds problem resolution. With security top of mind, remote secure access to the Hardware Management Console (HMC) minimizes risk, improves response and provides full visibility into commands issued for audit and training.

  • Improved performance and availability through intelligent automation and remediation driven by AI/ML-powered analytics for faster problem resolution
  • Early problem identification using analytics to predict and respond to problems before they negatively affect service
  • Actionable insight into your data and systems including intelligent automation and remediation capabilities
Interactive Tool:

Configure and manage all BMC AMI Ops products centrally

Young Mainframe Professional

BMC AMI Ops is intuitive to use, configure, and manage. A modular structure built on a centralized architecture allows you to easily snap-in components and increase the benefits of using BMC AMI Ops. You can manage your mainframe ecosystem holistically, ensuring the highest possible availability and performance.

  • Simplified systems management: Easy to implement and maintain through an intuitive user experience built with embedded expertise—so no specialist is required
  • Single view and control: Get current and historical data from multiple sources in a single view to control all resources and metrics, identify the root cause of issues, and speed problem resolution
  • Remote, secure access: Securely access the Hardware Management Console to minimize risk, improve response, and have full visibility into commands issued for audit and training
  • Intuitive user experience: Allows application switching within a single framework in addition to common heuristics and workflows
  • Customizable interface: Monitor all systems and components with a customizable interface that makes it easier for new staffers to use
Interactive Tool:
"BMC…not only helped make the roll out easier, they made sure I was getting the right visibility into our operations. My team is already saving time, and the support we get from BMC helps us keep things running smoothly.” — Adam Formby, IMS Systems Programmer, CSX Technology, Inc.

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