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Get end-to-end workflow orchestration with Control-M—any application, any data source, and all your critical systems of record.

Application workflow orchestration across multi-cloud including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

Control-M AWS Marketplace
Control-M for SAP

Power your business with automated SAP® workflows

SAP Certified

  • Eliminate the complexity and specialized knowledge required to manage SAP workflows
  • Forget about custom scripts–save time and money while improving service levels
  • Seamlessly integrate SAP HANA workloads across the enterprise
  • Streamline end-of-month closing with support for SAP Financial Closing cockpit (FCc)

Unleash your Oracle® ERP environment with Control‑M

  • Automate and integrate business processes within (and outside of) your Oracle® E-Business Suite environment
  • Quickly integrate Oracle Retail jobs into your Control-M environment
  • Manage Peoplesoft Enterprise workflows just like all your other workflows
Control-M for Oracle
Control-M for Databases

Assure the accuracy of all your database workflows

  • Configure connection profiles to any database platform with user-provided JDBC drivers
  • Stay compliant with secure authentication and connection criteria for job submissions
  • Manage SQL scripts, stored procedures, SSIS packages, and SQL statements from a single interface
  • Generate output of database jobs in CSV, XML and other formats without coding

Optimize your Informatica® workflows

  • Manage your Informatica ETL processing, and eliminate the risky process of building and managing scripts
  • Define jobs that execute workflows on multiple Informatica PowerCenter servers from a single intuitive interface
  • Ensure job accuracy and eliminate complexity and errors with job validation features
  • Access detailed execution information, enhanced post-processing options, results analysis, and automatic error recovery
Control-M for Informatica
Control-M for Batch Jobs

Connect workflows and real-time processes

  • Tie workflows and real-time processes together in a single scheduled job flow for Web Services®, Java®, and Messaging®
  • Support jobs and workflows that send and receive messages on JMS, WebSphere® MQ, and similar messaging solutions
  • Easily integrate your workloads with Java API and a web service interface
  • Schedule web service or servlet jobs

Simplify your IBM InfoSphere® DataStage® data integration

  • Manage your IBM InfoSphere DataStage ETL processing without costly, risky scripts
  • Leverage the power of data integration and analysis, without sacrificing security
  • Execute services with sophisticated scheduling features and a single intuitive point of control
Control-M for IBM InfoSphere DataStage
Control-M for IBM Cognos

Integrate IBM Cognos® and Control-M to maximize corporate data value

  • Schedule, monitor, and analyze Cognos Business Intelligence jobs along with file transfers and other jobs in the workflow
  • Safely plan workload changes, test transaction volume scenarios, and see how new jobs will affect operations with the Control-M simulation environment
  • Get detailed execution information and post-processing options for results analysis and automatic error recovery

Automate JCL verification and prevent job failures

  • Manage JCL in an intuitive environment with built-in safeguards to ensure accuracy
  • Leverage comprehensive validation tools, including data availability, syntax, procedures, logical flow, and space allocation–before jobs start
  • Eliminate costly errors that affect service delivery by preventing them from reaching production
JCL verification
Control-M for Data Protection

Protect your data and meet storage management goals

  • Seamlessly integrate Control-M with Symantec NetBackup
  • Schedule and monitor backups in harmony with your business processes
  • Increase utilization of backup media with the intelligent rerun of backup jobs
  • Incorporate backups with the rest of your workload jobs to eliminate delays and streamline processing

Integrate Oracle® Peoplesoft with your business apps and processes

  • Set your Oracle Peoplesoft jobs up in Control-M within hours
  • Leverage enhanced scheduling capabilities for internal processing
  • Increase productivity with in-depth automation tools

Code workflows in Python with the Control-M Python client

  • Ingest data from multiple sources
  • Data teams can easily build, test, and promote workflows using their existing tools in their language of choice
  • Manage workflows to support the successful delivery of business services on time, every time