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Delivering effective IT security and compliance means enabling Security and Operations teams to work effectively together. This is how IT can deliver what the business needs: secure and reliable IT services.

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What is Identity-As-A-Service? IDaaS Explained


Cloud computing brings unprecedented new requirements to manage user identity and access privileges. The average number of cloud-based apps used in enterprises ranges between 900 to 1200 different services. If each service requires its own set of login credentials, users will inherently rely on vulnerable password combinations or avoid using the … [Read more...]

Cloud Resource Misconfiguration Exposes 230 Million US Consumers


Last week, news broke of yet another high-profile cloud data breach. A security researcher found an unsecured database owned by a marketing firm, Exactis, containing extensive personal data on 230 million US consumers. Since the US population is 326 million and 22.6% are under the age of 181, this database essentially included information on nearly … [Read more...]

Security Threats in the Multi-Cloud


Today, a majority of organizations are not only actively moving most of their workloads to the cloud, but many of them are also using a multi-cloud model. By leveraging one provider for a specific functionality and another for its cost or location, companies are finding that cloud diversification can help them to meet all of their business … [Read more...]

Azure Compliance: 3 Keys for Getting Started


As enterprise businesses accelerate innovation in the cloud, the concepts of threat detection, data privacy and compliance audits have never been more important. Indeed, violations can lead to costly security breaches, regulatory actions and loss of brand equity. Microsoft, which launched its cloud services platform Azure back in 2011, clearly … [Read more...]

Cryptojackers Are Stealing Your Electrons


Currency, in all its forms, has thieves that take what is not theirs. Cryptocurrency is no different. The fact that bitcoins are not a physical currency does not stop cybercriminals from stealing them, but these are not the same as cryptojackers. Cryptojackers are out to steal your electrons. Hijackers are bad guys that overtake something and … [Read more...]

How SecOps Improves IT Security Through A Shift-Left Approach


Most of the time when we talk about SecOps, we are really implying DevSecOps. If you aren’t familiar with the DevSecOps concept, I suggest reading Rick Bosworth’s article on What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps Explained. However, not all organizations have completely transitioned over to DevOps. In today's technology environments, there is still a mix … [Read more...]

6 Practices IT Operations Can Learn from Enterprise Security


Introduction At this point, most IT leaders have realized that security must be integrated into every aspect of the organization. No longer can we leave risk management to a separate group that works in isolation from the rest of the IT groups. Nor can security be an afterthought. In my experience, the best way to get two teams more tightly … [Read more...]

What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps Explained


The explosive growth of public cloud spending -- $128 billion in 2017, reaching $266 billion by 20211 -- coupled with the continued adoption of DevOps continues to shape h.w.organizations deliver innovative solutions to their customers. The ability to design, build, and deploy iteratively at an ever-increasing velocity has not only transformed … [Read more...]