Paul Oostvogels
What are you waiting for? Join us in Lisbon for IDUG EMEA 2017

I had never been as excited for an IDUG conference as I was last year. For the first time, IDUG EMEA was held in my home country and I was so proud and excited to host my esteemed colleagues there. And of course, as any host experiences, there was also a bit of anxiety. However, the event went off without a hitch and the spirit and enthusiasm of the 2016 edition of IDUG EMEA will be a hard act to follow. I wanted to offer my thanks to all of the DB2 professionals that found their way to Belgium and made it such a memorable conference. And memorable it was. Not in the least due to a high number of newcomers and first time speakers who attended, bringing new energy and ideas to the conference. First time speakers like Julia Carter, from Lloyds Banking Group, made it directly to the top of … [Read More]

Ode to the Mainframe – How do I love thee?

Today I am feeling romantic. In an odd sort of way…perhaps it’s more appreciative or idealistic about life, its blessings, our meandering paths, the path that brought me to Silicon Valley in the early 2000s, and the industry and technology that I have learned … [Read More...]

Modern Batch: Managing the Madness?

My previous installment in this series ranted about what is batch and how it still remains an essential discipline in computing. This time, I want to focus on the value of a batch approach for “modern” technologies like cloud, containers, microservices and … [Read More...]