MTTR Explained: Repair vs Recovery in a Digitized Environment
BY Joe HertvikJoe Hertvik

Performance measurement changes when your business undergoes digital transformation. Traditional service desk metrics work beautifully in pre-digital transformation environments that haven’t yet embraced cloud computing, rapid change, and the acquisition of … [Read More...]

The Subsystem Service Model: SOA for Mainframe Environments
BY Jeremy HamiltonJeremy Hamilton

Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) has emerged as a popular standard to “modernize” legacy mainframe applications into today’s infrastructures. However, mainframes are often viewed as only “black box” service providers to the loosely coupled distributed … [Read More...]

Considerations for Monitoring Cloud-Hosted Apps and Infrastructure
BY Patrick CampbellPatrick Campbell

Moving infrastructure and apps to the cloud promises agility that better aligns resources to demand. There’s also a promise for cost savings depending on what you’re planning to do. However, if you do not manage the consumption of resources—especially in … [Read More...]

Hacking the Internet of Things – It’s as Simple as ABC
BY Bev RobbBev Robb

Gartner estimates that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide this year, up 31% from 2016, and will reach 20.4 billion by 2020. The Internet of Things is replete with cars, electronic appliances, heating and lighting systems, medical devices, … [Read More...]

Graphing Spark Data with HighCharts
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

Here we look at how to use HighCharts with Spark. HighCharts is a charting framework written in JavaScript. It works with both static and streaming data. So you can make live charts with it. And their collection of charts is a beautiful set of designs, made … [Read More...]

SHARE, the Mainframe and Providence, RI – Embracing the Digital World
BY Bronna ShapiroBronna Shapiro

SHARE will be held in historic Providence, RI August 6 – 11 2017. The world has changed significantly since Providence was founded in 1636 and its economy revolved around industry. Today, this vibrant city's lifeblood is based on educational resources and the … [Read More...]

Basics of Graphing Streaming Big Data
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

Imagine creating a live chart that updates as data flows in. With this you could watch currency value fluctuations, streaming IOT data, application performance, cybersecurity events, or other data in real time. It is not so hard to create Spark Streaming … [Read More...]

The Future of Ransomware
BY Scott N. SchoberScott N. Schober

A few years ago, if the average person heard the term ‘ransomware’ they might have imagined the fashion ensemble of a kidnapper. Fast forward to today and most everyone one is now familiar with ransomware one way or another. Most ransomware infects target … [Read More...]

IT Infrastructure Capacity: Optimizing for Digital Maturity
BY Patrick CampbellPatrick Campbell

Digital transformation has changed how we do almost everything. Our consumer expectations have evolved so that established services like banking now have mobile apps that work in the palm of our hands to win or keep our business. Hailing a ride or purchasing … [Read More...]

K-means Clustering with Apache Spark
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

Here we show a simple example of how to use k-means clustering. We will look at crime statistics from different states in the USA to show which are the most and least dangerous. We get our data from here. The data looks like this. The columns are state, … [Read More...]