Kelsey Adams McRae
Workload Automation and Digital Business – What’s Hot and What’s Not

I wouldn’t think of leaving the house without my smart phone – it’s just as important as my keys or my wallet. That’s because, like so many people, I rely on my phone to stay connected with nearly every part of my daily life - from where I am supposed to be when, to ordering dinner, to reviewing bank transactions and paying my bills. I use it to buy gifts online, check in for my flights, get a ride with Uber, watch videos, share on social media – you name it. I have increasing expectations for how it can help me – like what new apps will make my life easier. Each year I depend on my phone more and more and I’m not really sure how I got along without it before. What does all of this have to do with workload automation? Consider how the growth of digital business and rising customer … [Read More]