Shawn Jaques
4 Key Findings from Forrester Survey on SecOps Maturity
BY Shawn JaquesShawn Jaques

Maturity is typically used in the context of a person’s path to adulthood. Do they behave and act as civilized adults according to social norms? Or do they throw tantrums, speak out of turn or lack the decorum to behave appropriately for the situation? We also use maturity to describe the sophistication and completeness of an organization’s processes or technology. When referring to maturity in the context of security and IT operations (SecOps) teams, we attempt to measure the ability of an organization to effectively and efficiently prevent and respond to security risks. But, let’s face it, security is hard and there is no realistic end state. Instead, it’s a constant challenge to improve your skills, processes and technology. It’s important because based on a recent report, SecOps … [Read More]

Is the IBM Mainframe Really a Slow-Growth Market?
BY Phil GraingerPhil Grainger

In a recent item on the TechTarget website1, CA’s head of Corporate Strategy and Development inferred that the mainframe is a “slow growth market” and that CA was struggling to see how innovation could drive further growth for them - acknowledging that this … [Read More...]

BMC Accelerates Digital Experiences With Our NEW IBM z14 Mainframe!
BY Jonathan AdamsJonathan Adams

Christmas has come early to us at BMC with the arrival of our brand-new IBM z14! We couldn’t contain our excitement as we unwrapped the machine and started playing! We know that our goal to provide the most innovative, effective, and valuable solutions to our … [Read More...]

What is an IT Steering Committee? IT Steering Committees Explained
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

A steering committee is a group of people that decide on the priorities of business within an organization, and then manage the general course of these operations. Of course, involving information technology in any business objective, including a steering … [Read More...]

BMC SecOps Policy Service Scales Security and Regulatory Compliance for Complex Cloud Environments
BY Rick BosworthRick Bosworth

As cloud application development teams release software under mounting pressure to improve speed, differentiation, and agility, ensuring security and regulatory compliance can become an after-thought. Moreover, maintaining said compliance across complex cloud … [Read More...]

Why AIOps Needs Big Data and What That Means for You
BY Seth PaskinSeth Paskin

In our previous blog post explaining what “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations” (AIOps) is, we presented the following graphic: In this blog post, we’ll go deeper into the Big Data layer, explain why it is essential for AIOps, provide a brief … [Read More...]

How Railinc is helping to build a smarter rail network leveraging automation and big data
BY Robert ReddRobert Redd

Established in 1999 to provide IT services for the Association of American Railroads (AAR), Railinc is the railroad industry's most innovative and reliable resource for IT and information services. Today, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the AAR, Railinc … [Read More...]

What is a Neural Network? Introduction to Neural Networks Part I
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

We want to explore machine learning on a deeper level by discussing neural networks. We will do that by explaining how you can use Tensor Flow to recognize handwriting. But to do that we first must understand what are neural networks. We begin our … [Read More...]

Making the London Transport System Fit for the Future
BY Andy PuseyAndy Pusey

Every day, millions of people make more than 31 million journeys on London’s transport network. Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for running the network’s day-to-day operations—managing the Underground, buses, above-ground trains, taxis, trams, boats, … [Read More...]

Keep Machine Learning Teams Focused on Data Science, Not Data Processing
BY Basil FaruquiBasil Faruqui

Machine learning capabilities, use cases, and enterprise demand are exploding. The talent base to fulfill this demand is not. Talent shortages are a real barrier to machine learning initiatives. Organizations need to create an environment where their machine … [Read More...]

Three Reasons Why Analytics Help Eliminate False Alarms
BY Bronna ShapiroBronna Shapiro

Having to respond to false alarms can be very frustrating for mainframe IT. Your staff may not have the time or the expertise to set new thresholds when they’re needed. The thresholds that have previously been set up – perhaps many years ago — may be outdated … [Read More...]