Chrissy Kidd
What is driving the boom in on-premises hardware?
BY Chrissy KiddChrissy Kidd

In late February this year, Morgan Stanley released an industry estimate that surprised the technology industry. In it, the financial and investment giant predicts an increase in sales in the purchasing of on-premises hardware, reversing a steadily decreasing trend as companies shift towards cloud computing. The projected sales growth, possibly reaching double-digit earnings growth in 2018, marks a change in Morgan Stanley’s “view from cautious to attractive”. The report has certainly made a mark on the both the cloud computing industry and legacy hardware companies. So, what is driving this predicted boom in on-premises hardware? What the report says The brief memo, issued by Katy Huberty, head of Hardware Equity Research, starts with a brief overview of the world of technology: … [Read More]

What is Identity-As-A-Service? IDaaS Explained
BY Muhammad RazaMuhammad Raza

Cloud computing brings unprecedented new requirements to manage user identity and access privileges. The average number of cloud-based apps used in enterprises ranges between 900 to 1200 different services. If each service requires its own set of login … [Read More...]

China Construction Bank Enhances Mainframe Workload Management while Progressing to the Cloud
BY China Construction Bank CorporationChina Construction Bank Corporation

Who says the mainframe is a thing of the past? It powers 92 of the top 100 banks worldwide and 23 of the top 25 US retailers1. Running their core business on mainframe does not prevent organizations from reaching their digital transformation goals. China … [Read More...]

What is Software-defined infrastructure? SDI Explained
BY Muhammad RazaMuhammad Raza

Several decades ago, virtualization was introduced to transform the way IT infrastructure resources were consumed. The logical abstraction between the physical hardware and the software resources allows organizations to improve IT service performance. Since … [Read More...]

What Exactly Does a System Architect Do?
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

The system architect role is vital to the successful definition, design, delivery, and support of any IT project. A system architect analyzes and recommends the right combination of IT components to achieve a specific business, department, team, or functional … [Read More...]

What is Transparent Data Encryption in Db2 and Why Do I Want It?
BY Jim DeeJim Dee

There have been several high visibility data exposures in the news over the last year or so. As a Db2 DBA, one of your responsibilities is the protection of the data your business needs to run. Your auditors, internal and external, may be demanding action to … [Read More...]

What is a Hyperscale Data Center?
BY Chrissy KiddChrissy Kidd

We can all name a few of the biggest technology companies in the world, like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, even Facebook. They all developed technologies that millions, sometimes billions, of people take for granted on a daily basis. They have made … [Read More...]

Moving the Needle on Mainframe Innovation
BY John McKennyJohn McKenny

BMC’s mainframe teams are continuously innovating, and we have again delivered more in the last 90 days to help clients address the changing dynamics of modern digital business. Through our many conversations with clients we learn more every day about your … [Read More...]

Top 17 Digital Transformation Books for 2018 and Beyond
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

CIOs face a number of challenges when it comes to the concept of digital transformation or DX. And there is often immense pressure to launch big digital changes to gain a competitive advantage, for example, creating a roadmap to keep critical processes and … [Read More...]

Bias and Variance in Machine Learning
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

The risk in following ML models is they could be based on false assumptions and skewed by noise and outliers. That could lead to making bad predictions. That is why ML cannot be a black box. The user must understand the data and algorithms if the models are to … [Read More...]

AWS Regions and Availability Zones: An Intro for CIO’s
BY Muhammad RazaMuhammad Raza

Amazon Web Services (AWS) pioneered the modern-day cloud computing IT service delivery model. Amazon’s success with delivering cloud resources as a service comes down to the ease of accessibility and availability of the technology for end-users. Over the years … [Read More...]