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Award-Winning Excellence: BMC Helix AIOps Named “Cross Infrastructure Analytics Solution of the Year”

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Susan Giesing

BMC Helix AIOps and observability has been recognized as “Cross Infrastructure Analytics Solution of the Year” in the 5th annual Data Breakthrough Awards program conducted by Data Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global data technology market today.

“BMC Helix AIOps harnesses the latest innovations in AI to revolutionize cloud service delivery and operational visibility to generate insights across the entire application structure. Complex IT environments are challenging I&O teams to balance stability with speed and agility,” said Steve Johansson, Managing Director, Data Breakthrough. “BMC Helix AIOps has everything enterprises need for excellence in operations allowing users to understand system health, diagnose and fix problems faster and even predict and prevent potential issues before they occur. It truly transforms IT from reactive to proactive. Congratulations to the entire BMC team for their well-deserved 2024 Data Breakthrough Award win.”

The significance of this award, and what that means for your operations

As you know, your IT Operations teams face a difficult balancing act. With AI and ML at the forefront of driving efficiency and innovation, we designed the BMC Helix AIOps and observability to effectively utilize AI to increase the reliability of IT services and make IT more efficient. Our solution helps IT teams move out of firefighting mode, and we believe process-centric AIOps and observability represents the future of IT operations management, where traditional approaches are enhanced and augmented with AI-driven intelligence.

I’ll share with you the key features and benefits of BMC’s Helix AIOps and observability platform:

  1. Automation across Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Environments: These solutions automate operations processes and build accurate inventories of configuration items (CIs), aiding in efficiently managing IT resources.
  2. Dynamic Service Modeling: BMC Helix uses dynamic service models to integrate and normalize data, offering rich visualizations and a unified topology view across the entire underlying virtual and physical infrastructure, from application to network and cloud to mainframe.
  3. Service Blueprints: BMC Helix provides customizable service blueprints for defining and maintaining services, allowing organizations to model their IT services efficiently.
  4. AI and ML Application for Pattern Detection and Noise Reduction: By applying AI and ML, these solutions identify patterns, reduce operational noise, save time, and labor, and decrease the mean time to repair (MTTR).
  5. Predictive Analytics for Future Outcomes: The solutions predict future outcomes using historical data, aiding in strategic decision-making.
  6. Finding and Fixing Issues in Seconds: Our patented causal and generative AI algorithms rapidly diagnose and resolve issues using NLP and AI clustering. It streamlines incident management, enhancing IT efficiency and shifting focus from troubleshooting to strategic innovation.
  7. Proactive Issue Remediation and SLA Optimization: These technologies preemptively address issues, thus maintaining service level agreements, enhancing the customer experience, and reducing incident generation.
  8. Service-Centric Noise Reduction and Root Cause Analysis: The solutions effectively differentiate between critical and non-critical events, focusing on root cause analysis for efficient problem resolution.
  9. Advanced Anomaly Detection: Both univariate and multivariate anomaly detection services are provided, enabling early identification and remediation of potential issues.
  10. Service Outage Prediction: Utilizing ML techniques, these solutions predict service outages, allowing for proactive measures to maintain service quality.
  11. Real-Time Incident Correlation: Using advanced ML algorithms like BERT, the system automatically correlates incidents, enhancing the speed and accuracy of major incident management.
  12. Proactive Problem Management: The application of Kubernetes means clustering helps identify recurring incidents and streamline problem management.

Winning the prestigious title of “Cross Infrastructure Analytics Solution of the Year” in the Data Breakthrough Awards signifies more than just industry recognition. For you, it means entrusting your IT operations to a proven leader in the field, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and innovation at every step. With BMC Helix AIOps and observability, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a solution that has been rigorously evaluated and acknowledged for its excellence, ultimately translating into tangible benefits for your organization’s IT infrastructure.

The BMC Helix AIOps and observability platform represents a transformative approach to IT operations. Unlock your potential with our award-winning BMC Helix AIOps and observability platform today.

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Susan Giesing

Susan Giesing is a leader in the Solution Marketing team for the BMC Helix Portfolio. She has 20 years of IT industry experience with leading organizations such as DXC Technology, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and Hewlett Packard (HP), with a passion for crafting information that inspires and connects, taking technical information and distilling it into stories for technical and non-technical audiences alike.

At BMC, Susan is focused on the BMC Helix portfolio for IT Operations Management, Discovery, and Continuous Optimization.