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BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.0 has Arrived

Discover TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.0 BMC Continued Commitment to Innovation IT is in a state of transformation, driven by changing business requirements and increasing end user expectations. Virtually every business function now has critical dependencies on IT, and users have come to expect a world of mobility, availability and ease-of–use. At the same time, companies often struggle to meet rising customer demand and employee expectations for web application responsiveness, richness, and mobile support. To overcome these growing challenges, IT leaders need solutions that provide actionable intelligence that help them prioritize and move quickly for optimizing today’s IT environments and infrastructure resources – solutions that are compatible with their existing IT … [Read More]

The Zoo: Christmas Show

The Zoo: Christmas Show

The Zoo: We visit the Santa Tracker tool and share stories about how we've duped friends and family into not believing in Santa anymore. In the spirit of holiday joy, we take a look at new gear from Soarigami that stops fights on flights by dividing the elbow … [Read More...]


You Too Can Be a Digital Thriver!

When there’s a mismatch between the IT service that businesses need and the IT service that businesses receive, there is “IT Friction.” Businesses that are able to mitigate or remove costly IT friction inefficiencies will succeed in an expanding and evolving … [Read More...]

Can You Optimize IT Without Innovating?

Optimizing infrastructure and cost is an IT imperative, but paradigm shifts in the role of IT in the organization have changed the formula for what constitutes optimized infrastructure.    In geometric terms, traditional optimization can be thought of as a … [Read More...]


Intelligent Compliance, Usability Enhancements, and Best Practices for Automation: Introducing NEW Functionality within the BladeLogic Suite of Products!

With expanded support for Intelligent Compliance, Application Server Migration, Dashboard and Portal enhancements, as well as Best Practices from the Automation Academy, we are happy to announce the newest release in the BladeLogic Family of products designed … [Read More...]

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Security Automation And The SecOps Crisis

This last week brought major changes in the business cost of  poorly automated IT security. A US federal judge ruled that banks can sue Target to recover damages because poor security played a “key role” in allowing its systems to be compromised. Banks now … [Read More...]