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IT Data Analytics Has Arrived (Part 2): TrueSight Delivers End-to-End IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

In my previous post, I introduced TrueSight IT Data Analytics and how it can help customers analyze ultra-large volumes of IT data. Customers can install and configure IT Data Analytics within hours and start analyzing the data stacks with complete records of user, application, and machine behaviors. In this post, I dive deeper into how the power of TrueSight IT Data Analytics is enhanced through its integration with TrueSight Operations Management. IT Data Analytics is specifically designed for IT operations and is an integral part of the BMC TrueSight platform. Factory-built integration with TrueSight’s monitoring, event, and service impact management components provides a powerful IT data analytics solution to optimize IT operations. Broader, High-Quality Datasets = Better … [Read More]

Nothing but the best

At BMC, we have always provided great products to manage, streamline, and support the execution and maintenance of IBM’s DB2 for z/OS. We were among the first to market for DB2 utilities, and we have continually improved our products to make them more flexible … [Read More...]


IT Best Practices Assessment for 2015

Is your business a digital thriver or digital survivor?  Answer these nine questions to find out: 1.       Does your business focus more on strategic outcomes and user experience more so than operational costs and employee productivity? Yes or … [Read More...]


Executing a Successful Free Trial

Poorly executed Free Trials will backfire. Just posting a link on a website is not enough. In this blog post, we will explore the additional ingredients needed to rolling-out a successful Free Trial. Select the Right Product The best product for a Free … [Read More...]