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7 Signs You’re a Digital Thriver

Whether your business is an established and trusted old friend or a scrappy and nimble start-up, your relationship to IT could make the difference of future growth or stagnation. Businesses that seamlessly integrate IT into everything they do are able to quickly & consistently adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape and are better poised to succeed in the future. We call them digital “Thrivers.” Businesses that isolate IT are not able to create integrated solutions that enhance their users’ experience and accelerate their services. They are the digital “Survivors.” The disconnect between businesses and their IT organization results in “IT friction.” IDC recently conducted a survey of digital Thrivers and Survivors to see which IT practices set them apart. Based on what they … [Read More]


Are We There Yet with IT Cost Optimization?

The evolution of IT gradually shifted focus from the technology itself to the role technology should play as an asset to the organization.  One impetus for the shift has been expressed this way: “The good manager should not think of data processing as a … [Read More...]