Tom Vogel
How companies are managing the mainframe with a new generation of professionals

Flash forward to 2021. Nearly all your experienced mainframe experts have retired. Yet the mainframe is still going strong (89% of the respondents in BMC’s 2016 annual mainframe survey1 of executives and technical professionals consider it to be a long-term, strategic platform for growth). Businesses are continuing to innovate on the mainframe to gain a competitive edge, while dealing with growing transaction volumes, explosive data growth, greater complexity, and increased volatility. What’s your strategy for ensuring the mainframe in your company continues to deliver the reliability, performance and security needed to meet digital business demands now and into the future? Who’s going to mind the shop as many of the highly skilled mainframe experts exit? Training Takes Time Training … [Read More]

Self-Service IT Thrives in the Clouds

IT services now sprawl from a wider range of resources to a wider range of audiences in most digital business environments—thanks to the cloud.  A lot of IT services are now offered with just three or four clicks on the Internet and a credit card to make it … [Read More...]

Trending Tech in 2017

This past year in technology was full of new. New technologies that are becoming mainstream, and will be the norm in the future. It was also full of “what’s hot” such as virtual reality, plans for drone home delivery and autonomous cars - concepts that may … [Read More...]