Deflating the Football by 2 PSI — Is It Really an Advantage?

The National Football League (NFL) is buzzing with accusations about the New England Patriots reducing the PSI – pounds per square inch -- of the footballs used in their recent game against the Indianapolis Colts.   Why does anyone care?  There is plenty of speculation that a reduction in PSI gave the Patriots a competitive advantage against the Colts.  Commentators say it let them better grip the ball as well as more quickly pass the ball -- i.e., better and faster execution.  It remains to be seen how the balls got deflated, and even if it really did make a difference to play with a deflated ball.  There are questions about the benefits of the 2.0 PSI reduction. But the likelihood of it being a real advantage for the Patriots is looking more and more dubious.  In fact, it is beginning … [Read More]

The Zoo: Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid?

The Zoo: Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid?

Does SaaS cost more? Apparently. Is it easier to use? Not always. Cloud's good enough? For some. To figure it all out, The Zoo compares cloud-based and on-premise enterprise software, looking for the pros and cons on both sides. Chris Rixon and Jeff Moloughney … [Read More...]

Nothing but the best

At BMC, we have always provided great products to manage, streamline, and support the execution and maintenance of IBM’s DB2 for z/OS. We were among the first to market for DB2 utilities, and we have continually improved our products to make them more flexible … [Read More...]