10 key takeaways from a successful public cloud implementation

During the past months I had the great pleasure to work with Mr. Ettore Spigno in my role of BMC executive sponsor for Telecom Italia. Mr. Spigno is  Senior Vice President for the Mercato division of Telecom Italia,  providing information and communication services to small, medium and large enterprises. The main focus of Mr. Spigno and his team is the "Nuvola Italiana" (Italian Cloud) project, the most relevant, business-oriented, public cloud project currently under way in Italy. The goal of this project is to transform the way enterprises consume services, leveraging the cloud computing paradigm. According to Mr. Spigno, this project represented a huge transformational initiative for Telecom Italia, radically changing the way services are delivered and supported from beginning to end. … [Read More]

Aviva: Automation Innovator of the Year Finalist for 2014

Giving Customers What They Want Gives Aviva a Competitive Edge

Aviva is passionate about understanding what customers want. And in recent years, a growing number of Aviva’s 31 million customers around the world have made it clear that digital is how they want to do business. That’s why Aviva has made digital central to … [Read More...]

The Zoo: Shadow IT

The Zoo: Shadow IT

The Zoo: This week we discuss the pros and cons of shadow IT. Is it good? Is it bad? How can we manage the influx of unauthorized software and hardware in the enterprise? … [Read More...]