TrueSight Intelligence Big Data Analytics For ITShayne Higdon
TrueSight Intelligence: Big Data Analytics For IT

The digital revolution touches every aspect of our lives. What we’re able to do with technology today is astounding.  With a tap, voice command or gesture, we can access and do virtually anything. But as an IT pro or digital leader, you know the impact of the digital revolution on IT isn’t as simple as a tap, voice command or gesture.  Since the invention of the computer, nothing has challenged IT quite like the digital revolution has challenged our focus, responsibility and accountability. Today, I’m thrilled to announce the availability of TrueSight Intelligence, a cloud-based big data analytics solution that collects and analyzes machine, business, and operational data, from virtually any source, enabling fast, data-driven decisions for digital service improvement and innovation.  … [Read More]

Why the Mainframe Is Like a Maestro
The Mainframe as a Maestro

If you’ve ever watched a maestro guide musicians through a performance, you can appreciate how the timing of their individual actions blend to create an amazing, powerful experience. Without the maestro as a guide, the instruments would not be in sync and the … [Read More...]