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3 Fundamental Requirements for Cloud Management Platforms

As companies embrace cloud adoption more pervasively—across both public and private cloud platforms—the required capabilities for cloud management platforms (CMPs) naturally evolve. Successful deployments by early adopters have brought some fundamental concepts to the forefront. First, cloud solutions need to reduce complexity; they need to automate across complex environments to provide more value with less work. Second, solutions need to address the primary inhibitors to cloud adoption: concerns over compliance and governance. Finally, they need to better secure the primary benefit that most companies seek from cloud: speed of driving digital innovation. Reduced Complexity Here’s the irony: As technology continues to become more complex, customers want to leverage the flexibility … [Read More]


The Secret to Great IT Analytics

IT analytics is a vast subject with many areas for discussion. In this post, we will explore some common IT Service Management (ITSM) reporting and analytics problems and identify the key principles and attributes of a good solution. "This shouldn't be so … [Read More...]

Cloud Outages

6 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Outages

If you Google “cloud outage,” you’ll receive a long list of news reports concerning Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft, Google, and others. It’s a common occurrence for cloud service providers to experience downtime. Given this reality, what do you need to know … [Read More...]

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The New BMC Support Central

To improve our customer’s online experience, we are launching a new BMC Support Central website on May 15th.  We have created a streamlined layout with new header and footer sections, pull down menus, and a new Issue Management section.  The new user interface … [Read More...]

Unlock Enterprise IT Gridlock

How to Unlock Enterprise IT Gridlock

“We can get you a new virtual machine in about 6 weeks.” “Approval of a new data attribute is a standard 100 hours.” “One year and a million dollars.” How often do you find yourselves facing this conundrum? Why can coordinating resources between … [Read More...]