The Power behind Digital TransformationChris Rixon

IT Management – the Power behind Digital Transformation

I’m pretty sure that by now you are acutely aware of just how important IT management is to the success (or otherwise) of the new digital world. All of that shiny, miraculous technology and the new ways of working that come with it would grind to an ugly halt pretty quickly if people like you weren’t actively managing the related services. Your newfound significance could be manifesting itself in a number of ways: maybe you’re seeing new kinds of requests, from different kinds of employees, about new kinds of machines that simply weren’t considered  “IT” before. Or maybe the work you do is suddenly of critical importance to people who paid little attention to your discipline—until the success of their department suddenly depended on it. There’s no doubt that the priorities in IT … [Read More]


Does Your IT Organization Have Silo Myopia?

In over 20 years of working on IT infrastructure, I’ve been involved in any number of troubleshooting exercises. Some have been minor—the sort of thing where the network link in the conference room won’t come up, or perhaps someone’s printer is being fussy. … [Read More...]