Tina Sturgis
Lose the Ball and Chain on Your Software Development with Jobs-as-Code

DevOps is all about increasing the speed of delivering high-quality applications. But many DevOps teams don’t realize how much time they lose because of basic app “plumbing.” Developers often use simple tools to code basic instrumentation (jobs) as they build apps. The problem is, hardly anyone uses the same tools or adheres to the same standards. The result is a hodge podge of code sitting in the guts of an app. When that app gets passed on to Operations, the cobbled-together code often doesn’t meet production standards. And if something breaks, the problem is hard to find and fix. The irony is, world-class workflow automation and job scheduling tools have been around for years (take it from us). To avoid rework, headaches and poor quality apps, Dev needs to shift-left these … [Read More]

Ode to the Mainframe – How do I love thee?

Today I am feeling romantic. In an odd sort of way…perhaps it’s more appreciative or idealistic about life, its blessings, our meandering paths, the path that brought me to Silicon Valley in the early 2000s, and the industry and technology that I have learned … [Read More...]

Modern Batch: Managing the Madness?

My previous installment in this series ranted about what is batch and how it still remains an essential discipline in computing. This time, I want to focus on the value of a batch approach for “modern” technologies like cloud, containers, microservices and … [Read More...]

Transform HR Service Delivery

HR leaders across the globe are battling three key challenges: How do I transform the employee experience? How do I standardize and automate HR processes? And how do I become a strategic partner to the business? In this infographic we explore some … [Read More...]