Laura Shiff
What is Consumerization of IT? The State of Consumerization of IT in 2018
BY Laura ShiffLaura Shiff

In 2005, Gartner pronounced consumerization "the most significant trend affecting IT in the next 10 years." Here we are over 10 years later, and while the buzz about the consumerization of IT may have since died down, the effects of it have not. Although the concept of consumerization may not be discussed everyday, it is something that is literally surrounding us constantly in the workforce, at home, and in transit. For something so all-encompassing, why does it hardly receive any notice? We have renewed the research on the topic and have put together some of our findings on the state of consumerization of IT in 2018. What is Consumerization of IT? Consumerization of IT is the cycle of technology emerging first in the consumer market and then spreading to business and government … [Read More]

Customer Experience: The Incredible Shrinking Outage
BY David SchipperDavid Schipper

Take a small outage and make it smaller. IMS is used to manage high volume, high availability transaction environments that involve everything from package tracking, to online banking, to airline reservation systems, and even health care management. Common to … [Read More...]

Applying Patches for Meltdown/Spectre Vulnerabilities
BY Cheng Dong ZhaoCheng Dong Zhao

Since January 2, 2018, Intel CPU's chip-level vulnerabilities Meltdown and Spectre have been made public by the media, with nearly unprecedented coverage. Yet, even after nearly a month of full industrial chain efforts to fix the vulnerabilities, there still … [Read More...]

3 Secrets to Driving Mainframe Success in 2018
BY Tom VogelTom Vogel

Avoid the big tax payment due. It’s tax season, and we’re all trying to optimize to ensure we don’t get hit with a big bill at the end of another year. If you’re like me, I try to aim for the big zero—meaning I don’t owe a large sum in April, but I also don’t … [Read More...]

How to Unify IT Service Management with Business Objectives — and Save $715,000 in a Single Year
BY Kellyann LanspaKellyann Lanspa

The value of cloud IT service management can extend well beyond enhancing and accelerating IT processes and initiatives. By integrating ITSM workflows with business processes and services, companies can improve efficiency throughout the organization while … [Read More...]

10 Things to Consider When Considering DevOps and Containers
BY Tina SturgisTina Sturgis

If you haven’t had a chance to read the latest Top 3 report from industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) – ‘Ten Priorities for Container Management and DevOps in Production and at Scale in 2018’ – you should. It’s packed with powerful … [Read More...]

Trusting Automation in Db2 – You Already do Everywhere Else
BY Tom BarryTom Barry

Whether we realize it or not, automation is starting to drive our world as we know it. While you are reading this, think about all the areas of your life that you already use automation. Do you have a Roomba that cleans your house? Does your car have adaptive … [Read More...]

Intro to Amazon Machine Learning with Logistic Regression
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

Here we look at Amazon's Machine Learning cloud service. In this first article we will look at logistic regression. In future blog posts we will see what other algorithms it offers. Remember that logistic regression is similar to linear regression. It looks … [Read More...]

What Mid-market Companies Should Look For in an ITSM Solution
BY Kellyann LanspaKellyann Lanspa

This blog completes our three-part series on IT service management for the mid-market company. In our last blog, we discussed ways to make sure ITSM delivers full value for your organization. In this installment, we’ll drill down into the features most … [Read More...]

Evolving Service Management for a Multi-Cloud, Multi-Device, Multi-Channel World
BY Bianca BuckrideeBianca Buckridee

As disruptive technologies transform industries, customer experience is quickly emerging as a prime factor in competitive advantage. Both consumers and employees expect more freedom and flexibility in the way they interact with businesses, with differentiated … [Read More...]

NoSQL vs SQL: What’s The Difference and How To Choose
BY Laura ShiffLaura Shiff

As the rate of Big Data continues to exponentially increase each year, the limitations of traditional forms of data storage and management have become apparent. With these highlights, experts are realizing we may need to start to focus our attention on new … [Read More...]