Stephen Watts
What is Sprint Zero? Sprint Zero Explained
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

The benefits of applying Agile are clear and far-reaching. These include: Improved product quality Higher customer satisfaction ratings Increased control over project development Faster turnaround of ROI Fewer risks Overall, Agile simplifies the project management process by breaking it down into easily manageable parts, or Sprints. It’s so effective that enterprise organizations are even beginning to apply the principles of Agile to project management across departments. That said, as the demand for Agile grows, so has mystification around the term Sprint Zero. Most often, people think of Sprint Zero as applying the framework of a Scrum Sprint to the pre-planning process for a project whereby the pre-planning stage becomes a project in and of itself during the sprint. … [Read More]

Service Management AI
Service-Management im Zeitalter von künstlicher Intelligenz und maschinellem Lernen
BY Vidhya SrinivasanVidhya Srinivasan

Der Wandel Mitarbeiter. Prozess. Technologie. Diese drei Punkte bilden das goldene Dreieck einer erfolgreichen Transformation. Beim ersten und beim letzten findet gerade ein drastischer Wandel statt. Immer mehr Millennials treten in die Arbeitswelt ein. … [Read More...]

Service Management AI
La gestion de services à l’ère de l’intelligence artificielle et de l’apprentissage automatisé
BY Vidhya SrinivasanVidhya Srinivasan

Les notions de personnel, processus et technologie évoluent : ces trois éléments sont les piliers d'une transformation réussie. Le premier et le dernier d'entre eux sont actuellement soumis à d'importants changements. La génération Y arrive sur le marché … [Read More...]

Service Management AI
La gestión de servicios en la era de la inteligencia artificial y el aprendizaje automático
BY Vidhya SrinivasanVidhya Srinivasan

El cambio Personas. Proceso. Tecnología. Esas tres palabras son el triángulo de oro para el éxito de la transformación. Las primeras y la última están experimentando cambios drásticos en estos mismos instantes. Los «millenials» están accediendo al mercado … [Read More...]

REST vs CRUD: What’s The Difference?
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

Some of the confusion around REST and CRUD has to do with the overlapping of basic commands mandated by both processes. This is further amplified by the Rails community embracing REST and its GET, PUT, POST nature. Savvy developers can see glaring … [Read More...]

IT Leaders Highlight Their Key Multi-Cloud Challenges in New BMC Survey
BY BMC SoftwareBMC Software

Rapid adoption of multiple public and private cloud services and infrastructure has created complexity that is amplifying traditional pressures placed on digital businesses. In August, 2017, BMC, along with research firm, conducted a survey of … [Read More...]

What is Serverless Architecture? Serverless Architecture Explained
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

Many experts believe that serverless computing is the future, as mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications continue to fuel demand for serverless architecture, coupled with the growing need to integrate cloud applications with mobile and desktop … [Read More...]

7 Key Requirements for Multi-Cloud Discovery
BY Antonio VargasAntonio Vargas

The cloud adds incredible value to the business: scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, the list goes on. But while we talk about cloud as a singular entity, these days it’s anything but. Most businesses run a wide variety of services and applications … [Read More...]

The Top 5 Trends for Digital Transformation in 2018
BY Mike FlacheMike Flache

The digital transformation of companies and their business models is moving along, and it will continue to progress in 2018. For companies operating in the global competitive environment, digital transformation is even an absolute MUST this year. For many … [Read More...]

SIEM vs. Log Management: What’s the difference?
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

It seems that nearly every week, we hear about another major business who’s just been a part of some data breach. Hackers have reached evidently secure information, often taking sensitive and financial information of employees and customers. The problem is … [Read More...]

GDPR – Some Data Recovery Implications
BY Phil GraingerPhil Grainger

GDPR will be here before we realize it, so let’s look at ways that BMC Software’s Recovery Solutions for Db2 and IMS help you not only comply with GDPR, but also help to ensure that your business stays out of the news for all the wrong reasons. The … [Read More...]