Mike Flache
GDPR: Finally Some Peace For Sales And Marketing. Or Not?
BY Mike FlacheMike Flache

The GDPR reporting over the last few weeks reminded me a little bit of the movie "2012" by Roland Emmerich. Thank God ... ... Europe "survived" May 25, 2018. And the rest of the world seems to have gotten off lightly ;-) The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in force. In recent weeks, this topic has tied up large resources in many companies. Across all departments. As a business angel and investor in high-tech startups, but also as a digital adviser in companies from traditional sectors, I was able to experience live what that means in concrete terms. I would like to share my insights on the challenges in sales and marketing in this article to raise awareness of the implementation tasks for the forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation. First, let me say that the … [Read More]

Smart Cities: Applying the Tech of Enterprise IT to Local Governments
BY Chrissy KiddChrissy Kidd

With the rise of smart technology, the term ‘smart’ is being applied to all sorts of things: smart phones, smart cars, and smart homes – made smarter by a whole host of devices and appliances that connect to the internet, for purposes of efficiency. Cities … [Read More...]

What is Software Defined Networking? SDN Explained
BY Muhammad RazaMuhammad Raza

Software Defined Networking (SDN) refers to the network architecture model that allows programmatic management, control and optimization of network resources. SDN decouples network configuration and traffic engineering from the underlying hardware … [Read More...]

Single Tenant vs Multi-Tenant: What’s The Difference?
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

One of the single most important parts of an enterprise digital transformation strategy involves finding the right SaaS service or services that compliment your business model, culture and compliance needs. When you begin learning about the different SaaS … [Read More...]

A Roadmap to AIOps
BY Seth PaskinSeth Paskin

In my conversations with customers about AIOps, I frequently hear concerns about maturity. Customers may believe, for example, they aren’t mature enough to implement analytics, or that there is a linear progression for AIOps capabilities and they must start … [Read More...]

Public Cloud Growth Trends for 2018 and the Future Outlook
BY Muhammad RazaMuhammad Raza

Accelerating cloud adoption will drive growth in the public cloud services market to $186.4 billion in 2018, a 21.4 percent increase from 2017 when the market reached the $153.5 billion mark, according to research firm Gartner. The market is expected to double … [Read More...]

Why Multi-Cloud Management Solutions Are Critical to Digital Transformation
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

To stay competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment, a company’s IT infrastructure must be agile enough to adapt to changing demands placed on it by both the business and its employees. Most businesses turn to the cloud to provide flexibility, … [Read More...]

The 3 Core Components of BMC Helix, Part 3: Containers
BY Vidhya SrinivasanVidhya Srinivasan

In this blog series, we’ve covered the core components of the new BMC Helix Cognitive Service Management solution. We call them the 3 Cs: Cognitive, Cloud, and our topic for today, Containers. Containers enable greater freedom and flexibility in today’s … [Read More...]

Security Threats in the Multi-Cloud
BY Laura ShiffLaura Shiff

Today, a majority of organizations are not only actively moving most of their workloads to the cloud, but many of them are also using a multi-cloud model. By leveraging one provider for a specific functionality and another for its cost or location, companies … [Read More...]

Why Application Monitoring Is Critical to Multi-Cloud Success
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

In today’s multi-cloud world, organizations can’t afford to allow IT problems to disrupt or degrade service, so they must be able to proactively identify potential points of failure, address problems quickly when they do arise, and align effort with business … [Read More...]

The 3 Core Components of BMC Helix, Part 2: Everything-as-a-Service and Operating in the Multi-Cloud
BY Vidhya SrinivasanVidhya Srinivasan

BMC Helix, our new end-to-end Cognitive Service Management offering, delivers the future of service management with three core components: Cognitive, Cloud, and Containers. We covered the first “C”, Cognitive, in our initial blog post of this series. BMC Helix … [Read More...]