Stephen Watts
Network Engineer vs Network Administrator: Roles, Responsibilities, and Job Descriptions
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

Network engineers and network administrators are common positions in the IT field, and both can hold a lot of clout. While it’s possible for the jobs to sound similar in descriptions and functions, and have some real overlap in responsibilities, there are distinct differences. In general, the network engineer is responsible for the design and development of a computer network whereas a network administrator is responsible for ensuring and maintaining the network once it’s been developed. In this article, we are exploring the roles, responsibilities, and prospects for both network engineers and network administrators. Terminology The terms “network engineer” and “network architecture” may be used interchangeably. A network administrator, on the other hand, is typically differentiated … [Read More]

Service Management in an Era of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
BY Vidhya SrinivasanVidhya Srinivasan

The shift People. Process. Technology. Those three words are the golden triangle for a successful transformation. The first and the last are undergoing drastic shifts as we speak. Millenials are entering the workforce at a rapid pace. Over 50% of the … [Read More...]

Setting Your Cloud Path: A Journey to Multi-Cloud and Beyond
BY Bhupinder MahiBhupinder Mahi

The other day, my colleague said “Moving to the cloud should be as easy as moving house.” Now, I can’t vouch for her experience in regards to a house move, but mine certainly wasn’t “easy.” My wife and I visited over 10 places before we agreed on the one we … [Read More...]

Announcing TrueSight 11
BY Shayne HigdonShayne Higdon

Today, at our New York BMC Exchange event, we announced the release of TrueSight 11.0. I could not be more excited about what this delivers to our customers and the market. I’d like to thank the dozens of customers and partners that participated in our beta … [Read More...]

Using Apache Pig and Hadoop with ElasticSearch with The Elasticsearch-Hadoop Connector
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

Here we show how to retrieve data from ElasticSearch using Apache Pig. The reason for doing that is Pig is much easier to use that Java, Scala, and other tools for doing data extraction and transformation ElasticSearch. (You can read our introduction to Apache … [Read More...]

Using ElasticSearch with Apache Spark
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

ElasticSearch is a JSON database popular with log processing systems. For example, organizations often use ElasticSearch with logstash or filebeat to send web server logs, Windows events, Linux syslogs, and other data there. Then they use the Kibana web … [Read More...]

IDUG Portugal – Another Successful EMEA Conference
BY Phil GraingerPhil Grainger

As I settled into my flight home, I couldn’t help reflect on all the wonderful, inspiring events that transpired this past week at IDUG EMEA in Lisbon. As per usual, the completely volunteer, user-based organization put on such a professional and informative … [Read More...]

Are you Prepared to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation?
BY BMC SoftwareBMC Software

Let’s just be honest, life as a service desk or IT professional has never been harder. Database needs are exploding, the cloud poses new challenges, and user needs grow more complex daily. Most IT groups know they need to drastically alter the way they … [Read More...]

GDPR – What it Means and Why You May Be Missing the Opportunity.
BY Chris SutterChris Sutter

Time is running out. The warnings are everywhere. After a two-year transition period, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation will be in full force beginning May 25th, 2018. The focus of most communications related to GDPR is on the … [Read More...]

Mainframe Automation Leads to Availability
BY Bronna ShapiroBronna Shapiro

Everyone talks about automation these days. In a 2017 survey of 1200 mainframe professionals, executives say improving availability and addressing skills issues are top priorities. We all know systems management is becoming much more complicated. In this … [Read More...]

Three Things to Consider When Considering a Digital Business Automation Solution
BY Flora Tramontano GuerritoreFlora Tramontano Guerritore

“Why Control-M?” is a question I often hear people ask when researching digital business automation solutions. I’m tempted to answer with a long list of features and facts that demonstrate why Control-M is superior in features, quality, price, customer … [Read More...]