IT_Security_ThreatsBill Berutti
IT Security Threats: 2016 Is The Year IT Fights Back Against Hackers

In 2015, headlines were riddled with reports of large scale hacking attacks stealing everything from government secrets to children’s birthdays and toy profiles. IT Executives cringed as they wondered what the chances were that they would be next. In 2016, as leaders, we need to resolve to take control of the issues so we can protect our organizations and our customers while delivering innovation. BMC and Forbes Insights reached out to executives in North America and Europe to get their point of view on these critical issues and begin to build a game plan to eradicate the problems from the root. 44% said security breaches occur even when vulnerabilities and their remediation have already been identified. Ideally an organization would scan for vulnerabilities, prioritize the … [Read More]

DB2 Deep in the Heart of Texas!

DB2 on z Systems is alive and well in Texas and the partnership between BMC Software and Compuware is continuing to bear fruit for our customers! We are very pleased to announce that together BMC and Compuware will be sponsoring a DB2 swing through the Lone … [Read More...]

See What BMC has to Offer During SHARE

We’re SHARE-ing at SHARE in San Antonio.  We’ve got eight technical sessions and an innovative lunch and learn session this year! BMC continues to invest in mainframe and Bring IT to Life on the z Systems.  We’re proud to be a silver sponsor at SHARE, … [Read More...]

Got Docker? 4 Docker Management Tips

Digital technology is helping consumers get what they want, when they want it, at a competitive price.  It’s also transforming businesses and industries. Digital music flattened CDs. Online travel is sending agents on a permanent vacation. Other digital … [Read More...]

The Zoo: HR Work-Life Apps for Millennials
The Zoo: HR Work-Life Apps for Millennials

With BMC’s latest app, HR Case Management, people can request PTO, change healthcare plans and apply for corporate-sponsored gym membership from a phone. Steve Terry joins The Zoo from Abu Dhabi to explain how HR Case Management enables the digital workplace, … [Read More...]

The Zoo: ITSM vs ITIL with Jon Hall
The Zoo: ITSM vs ITIL with Jon Hall

ITIL or ITSM? They’re not binary. You need both to run a digital enterprise. With today’s emphasis on customer service, where any failure to please is exposed on social networks in real time, having a framework like the Information Technology Infrastructure … [Read More...]

What is the Rolling 4-Hour Average?

For those who are not familiar with the mainframe rolling 4-hour average, this blog helps describe its importance. Why is the Rolling 4-Hour Average (R4HA) important? Why should you and I care?  Developers, testers, system administrators, and other … [Read More...]

SOA Security Best Practices

In an era where security breaches are as common as apple pie and backyard baseball, all the talk surrounds keeping networks and systems secure. In an SOA environment, security is just as important, though it looks a little different than security in other … [Read More...]