Power_Behind_Digital_TransformationNick Utton
What’s All the Digital Business Fuss About?

Traditional businesses are struggling to keep up in an increasingly fast-paced, mobile-first culture, with customers expecting fast, seamless and secure interactions. From retail and health to travel and automotive, industries are adopting digital services and implementing new technologies and processes to streamline their operations, retool their work forces, drive new revenue and increase the bottom line. Responding to today’s digital imperative presents a unique challenge to enterprises, as they must keep pace with a marketplace that changes as soon as they adapt to it. According To Forbes, 52 percent of the companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, ceased to exist, or dropped off the list since 2000. In the new economy, either businesses react … [Read More]

Big Data Security Issues in the Enterprise

To protect your operation, it’s crucial that you understand big data security issues before moving forward on a big data implementation. While most professionals have at least a vague notion about the importance of good data security practices, IT and Security … [Read More...]