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Ask the Expert: The Digital Workplace Starts With The Employee Journey

Employees now crave the same user experiences at work that they enjoy in their personal lives. Social media, smartphones and the seamless, anytime availability of services means your employees have drastically higher expectations for their technology experience, when compared to a few short years ago. Which is why enabling a digital workplace is so essential in the modern enterprise. Enterprise organizations willing to meet these new employee expectations within the workplace stand to become more innovative, agile, and better equipped to survive market forces and thrive. According to an MIT study, digitally mature businesses, with engaged employees, enjoy 26% greater profitability, 12% higher market valuation and 9% more revenue when compared to peers. The possibilities are certainly … [Read More]

Do You Know the Way to San Jose SHARE?

For some reason, I cannot get the tune out of my head.  Written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach and sung beautifully by Dionne Warwick.  Are you going to be at SHARE San Jose 2017 on March 5-10? We would enjoy talking with you while you are at the conference.  … [Read More...]

Ode to the Mainframe – How do I love thee?

Today I am feeling romantic. In an odd sort of way…perhaps it’s more appreciative or idealistic about life, its blessings, our meandering paths, the path that brought me to Silicon Valley in the early 2000s, and the industry and technology that I have learned … [Read More...]