Joe Hertvik
Business Benefits of IT Service Management

Although it sounds obvious, Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) success lies in how you position your ITSM efforts in relationship to your enterprise. Two key questions to consider with ITSM are: 1) What are the driving forces behind your ITSM efforts? and 2) Does your ITSM implementation serve as a comprehensive enterprise strategy or is it an ad-hoc implementation? These questions are important regarding what you do with your ITSM environment (your benefits) and why you do it (your business drivers). At least that’s what a recent 2017 Forbes Insights survey on The State of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tells us about the experiences of enterprise strategy ITSM organizations versus ad-hoc ITSM organizations. ITSM progression: Enterprise strategy … [Read More]

FootPrints Reviews and Ratings

This post is part of a series on BMC product reviews. Be sure to check out the other post on Control-M Reviews and Remedy Reviews. BMC's FootPrints service desk is an ITSM solution for mid-size organizations that includes incident and problem management, … [Read More...]

How Much Is a Picture Worth?

Imagine you are Lead Counsel for a large insurance company and you find out that the images and recordings that you need for your important court case have vanished. Your CIO informs you that thousands of images, recordings and other vital data are lost! … [Read More...]