Phil Grainger
Reorging DB2 – Housekeeping or a High Performance Move?

Every DB2 DBA knows that there are regular “housekeeping” tasks that  you need to do to keep your DB2 databases running well – and one of those tasks is to run the Reorg utility. Today, there are three major goals relating to DB2 housekeeping which are addressed by running a reorganisation: Tidying up data that’s out of place - rebuilding index structures and generally organizing data in tablespaces Consolidating extents and reclaiming wasted space Instantiating those on-line schema changes that allow a change to be specified with an ALTER statement, but where the change is actually made by a reorg at a later date The second goal noted above is a kind of special case of the first, and the third should really be scheduled as part of a change delivery process as there could be … [Read More]

Self-Service IT Thrives in the Clouds

IT services now sprawl from a wider range of resources to a wider range of audiences in most digital business environments—thanks to the cloud.  A lot of IT services are now offered with just three or four clicks on the Internet and a credit card to make it … [Read More...]