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A New Services Approach for Your Digital Enterprise Journey

When I joined BMC about 18 months ago, the time had come to reshape our talented services organization. BMC technologies had become so integral to the transformation of their business, that customers were turning to us for strategic guidance on how, where and when to achieve their digital enterprise IT objectives. It was only natural our services should reorient to meet these expanded customer needs and help them achieve success with our technology. It was also clear that many BMC teams played a role in this success. From pre-sales to partners, the BMC ecosystem had grown, servicing customers in all major regions of the world. Internally at BMC, this meant many late nights and intensive activity to establish the appropriate services skills, organizations and scalable methodologies to … [Read More]

DB2 Data Flood Emergency Planning 101

If you’ve ever experienced being caught in a flood, you may be familiar with the devastation that can happen if you’re not prepared. In cities, for example, streets can suddenly turn into rivers. Basements can overflow and become death traps. In those critical … [Read More...]

It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2! – Part 6

Autonomics It is time for part 6 in our multi-part series describing why It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2… So far we have examined industry and DBA trends (Part 1), the many database and management changes made to DB2 for z/OS (Parts 2, 3, and 4), and SQL and … [Read More...]

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It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2! – Part 5

SQL and Development Trends Hello, and welcome back to It’s Not Your Daddy’s DB2… our series focusing on the changing world of DB2 for z/OS development and administration. We’ve already taken a look at the macro trends impacting the industry in Part 1; and in … [Read More...]