Deflating the Football by 2 PSI — Is It Really an Advantage?

The National Football League (NFL) is buzzing with accusations about the New England Patriots reducing the PSI – pounds per square inch -- of the footballs used in their recent game against the Indianapolis Colts.   Why does anyone care?  There is plenty of speculation that a reduction in PSI gave the Patriots a competitive advantage against the Colts.  Commentators say it let them better grip the ball as well as more quickly pass the ball -- i.e., better and faster execution.  It remains to be seen how the balls got deflated, and even if it really did make a difference to play with a deflated ball.  There are questions about the benefits of the 2.0 PSI reduction. But the likelihood of it being a real advantage for the Patriots is looking more and more dubious.  In fact, it is beginning … [Read More]

ETrade Baby Ad

Winners and Losers among Super Bowl Ads

It’s Super Bowl weekend, and while most will have their eyes on the game, some tune in for the ads. During his storied career, BMC Chief Marketing Officer Nick Utton was responsible for popular Super Bowl ads including the “E-Trade baby” and “MasterCard … [Read More...]

The Zoo: Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid?

The Zoo: Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid?

Does SaaS cost more? Apparently. Is it easier to use? Not always. Cloud's good enough? For some. To figure it all out, The Zoo compares cloud-based and on-premise enterprise software, looking for the pros and cons on both sides. Chris Rixon and Jeff Moloughney … [Read More...]

Nothing but the best

At BMC, we have always provided great products to manage, streamline, and support the execution and maintenance of IBM’s DB2 for z/OS. We were among the first to market for DB2 utilities, and we have continually improved our products to make them more flexible … [Read More...]