Walker Rowe
Tuning Machine Language Models for Accuracy
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

Continuing with our explanations of how to measure the accuracy of an ML model, here we discuss two metrics that you can use with classification models: accuracy and receiver operating characteristic area under curve. These are some of the metrics suitable for classification problems, such a logistic regression and neural networks. There are others that we will discuss in subsequent blog posts. For data, we use this this data set posted by an anonymous statistics professor. The Zeppelin notebook for the code shown below is stored here. The Code We use Pandas and scikit-learn to do the heavy lifting. We read the data into a dataframe then take two slices, x is columns 2 through 16. x is the column labeled 'Buy'. Since this is a logistic regression problem y is equal to either 1 or … [Read More]

Amadeus shapes the future of travel with DevOps and Cloud
BY Michael SpruckMichael Spruck

A global leader in the travel industry, Amadeus IT Group is the connection point conducting over 90% of global transactions between travel buyers, providers, and sellers. Our systems are relied on by over 700 airlines, almost 600,000 hotel properties, and … [Read More...]

Introduction to AWS Reserved Instances
BY Muhammad RazaMuhammad Raza

Cloud computing gained traction in the SMB market segment with its promised value proposition to replace high CapEx with affordable ongoing OpEx. SMBs embraced the cloud movement to take advantage of the cost variability and were able to focus resource … [Read More...]

What is Ransomware as a Service? RaaS Explained
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

Software is shifting away from locally-installed apps to Software as a Service web applications that run in the cloud. Criminals are cashing in on this trend, which has led to the creation of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), a growing threat to … [Read More...]

Is Container Pricing the Answer to Mainframe Cost Containment?
BY Jay LipovichJay Lipovich

It was confidently predicted that the last IBM® mainframe would be unplugged – twenty years ago! Hasn’t happened. Not likely to happen. Mainframes are powerhouses of highly responsive transaction processing and massive data handling – two foundational … [Read More...]

AWS ECS vs EKS: Selecting the Best Platform for Your Workload
BY Chad RobinsonChad Robinson

Choosing a container management platform can make your head swim these days. In addition to the Open Source options (e.g. Kubernetes, Swarm, and Rancher), it seems every cloud vendor has its own custom offering as well, and despite all being based on Docker, … [Read More...]

Getting Started with Governance and Compliance for AWS
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

As organizations accelerate innovation in the cloud, security and compliance become increasingly complex. Among its many benefits, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem offers end users assuredness that governance principles are being upheld and risks … [Read More...]

What is Edge Computing? Edge Computing Explained with Examples
BY Muhammad RazaMuhammad Raza

Edge Computing is a relatively new paradigm that aims to bring computational power in close proximity of IoT sensors, smartphones and connected technologies. The concept dates back to the 1990s, when Akamai solved the challenge of Web traffic congestion by … [Read More...]

What is Software-Defined IT Operations? SDITO Explained
BY Muhammad RazaMuhammad Raza

Enterprise organizations adopted virtualization, automation and orchestration to realize the promised value propositions such as ease of infrastructure provisioning, management and maintenance. Yet, enterprise IT spends most of its time in efforts to merely … [Read More...]

What is driving the boom in on-premises hardware?
BY Chrissy KiddChrissy Kidd

In late February this year, Morgan Stanley released an industry estimate that surprised the technology industry. In it, the financial and investment giant predicts an increase in sales in the purchasing of on-premises hardware, reversing a steadily decreasing … [Read More...]

What is Identity-As-A-Service? IDaaS Explained
BY Muhammad RazaMuhammad Raza

Cloud computing brings unprecedented new requirements to manage user identity and access privileges. The average number of cloud-based apps used in enterprises ranges between 900 to 1200 different services. If each service requires its own set of login … [Read More...]