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Hilarious IT/Tech Memes: Security, ITIL®, Project Management, Help Desk & More

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Joe Hertvik, Muhammad Raza

IT Memes reflect some of the most hilarious yet honest experiences in the everyday lives of an IT professional. Here are some of the funniest IT memes dealing with Help Desk, software development, project management, ITIL, security, working from home, and more!

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Zoom: where you’re never fully dressed without a camera

Via Hailstorm-Development

Project Management: Darth Vader, Supreme Fleet Comander and Key Stakeholder in the Death Star project


Of course, the Death Star project team really messed up in the Collect Requirements process group, where they missed the requirement to prevent the Death Star from blowing up after someone hits it with a single missile in just the right spot…twice!!!

The Office Space Nostradamus: Bill Lumbergh predicts The Great Resignation and Hiring Crisis of 2021…in 1999


Cybersecurity: It ain’t the age, it’s the throughput

Via Balbix on Twitter

IT Manager Pro-Tip: Always read all the words in a sentence

Via The Cyber Security Hub

Holy Framework!!! Time for more ITIL training for the Boy Wonder? Tune in next week!!!

Via Freshworks

AWS: More services per byte than any other hosting company on the internet

Via Reddit

And just wait until you see their easy-to-understand pricing model!

API: What is a RESTful API and why is it spelled so weird?

Via Medium

User experience research: Could it have been…Ancient Aliens?

Via Uxeria

And I think we all know the answer to that.

Disaster recovery: The true cost of a widespread internet outage


Ransomware: While Picard likes to hang out with number one, this time it’s number two

Via Radical Compliance

Cache? Race condition? Well now we spend the next three hours trying to figure out why it didn’t work the first time…

Via Reddit

Because walkthroughs are for noobs…

Via Reddit

The XY Problem dilemma is real there…

Via Reddit

Some unsupervised learning going on there…

Via Reddit

When searching for one bug leads to a dozen more…

Via Twitter

This is why you need DevOps SDLC

Via Twitter

Let the blame game begin. #DevsVsOps

Via Twitter

When you lose another service during a major outage…

via Tumblr

High risk deployment went fine. But only just…

via Tumblr

When high traffic hits the Ops team

via Tumblr

Edit someone else’s code. Now you get to own the damages…

When everything falls apart from r/ProgrammerHumor

Via Reddit

Unrealistic project estimation in action…

via Tumblr

Bonus: The universal truth of software development:


End of memes. Time to get back to work.

Via Cometchat (number 45 of 50 great programming memes)

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