ITOps, DevOps, and NoOps Explained

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ITOps, DevOps, NoOps, and more

We live in a world defined by technology, speed, and innovation – and this applies to products and the companies that make them. Companies have to continually shift to meet increasing needs so they can get a useful product to market as quickly as possible. Vital to this process is the information technology (IT) team. Every company in the 21st … [Read more...]

Vulnerability Remediation – to the Cloud and Beyond!


Understanding and managing risk Security teams often use a variety of vulnerability management and response tools to assess and address the vulnerability situation across the organization, frequently using different sets of tools for different environment types.   This often makes getting a single picture of the current risk profile difficult as … [Read more...]

What the New Multi-Cloud World Means for IT


Digital transformation for business is no longer a luxury. All companies must accelerate the development and continuous deployment of innovative processes, applications, services, and software changes just to survive. To meet this challenge, companies are increasingly turning to the cloud for the agility, scale and operating flexibility that is … [Read more...]

Effective Cloud Management with CloudOps


IT operations tasks and processes have typically been manual, tedious, and rigid to ensure that changes are controlled and documented to prevent unplanned outages.  However, as environments shift to agile infrastructures where speed is everything, automation of IT tasks and processes becomes critical. This is especially true in cloud environments … [Read more...]

Cloud Security Trends to Watch in 2017


We all know that cloud use keeps getting bigger, which puts greater pressure on organizations to beef up their IT security and achieve greater control over this explosive growth.. How big is this growth? According to a leading industry analyst, the public could services market will grow 17 percent in 2016 and reach $208.6 billion, with IT … [Read more...]

Four Essential Tips for Cloud Security


The frenetic pace and growth of digital business impacts the way companies are using the cloud to reduce costs, increase agility, and deliver services faster.  At the same time, news of security breaches are becoming commonplace, impacting the brand equity of organizations. Security is not only seen as a threat to cloud initiatives – it’s also an … [Read more...]