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Today’s Enterprises Need Application-Centric Clouds

The Necessity of Application-Centric Clouds for Today’s Enterprises

Organizations that aren’t able to move quickly to address customer needs or competitive threats, risk customer and business loss to more agile competitors.  Examples of digital disruptors replacing long standing business models usually include companies like Uber taking on Taxis or Netflix taking on video rentals, but it really transcends … [Read more...]

DevOps Best Practices for Enterprise Architecture


Going Digital with Devops Keeping customers happy is a top priority for enterprise organizations and critical to staying ahead of the competition. Since nearly every interaction with customers is digital, this means delivering a steady stream of new and compelling applications and services and ensuring that every customers’ experience is … [Read more...]

Docker Production Deployment Security Considerations


Docker has been garnering a lot of attention in the enterprise world, and rightfully so. Companies are looking at it and adopting (at least in development environments) at a rate not often seen in in the enterprise world. Docker has developers, cloud providers, and operating system (OS) vendors excited for various reasons. For developers, Docker … [Read more...]

Avoiding the Zombie (Server) Apocalypse in Healthcare


In the business world, you don’t have to worry about zombies wandering the halls of accounting or hiding in the closets of the legal department. But there’s a good chance you’ll find at least a few of them in IT. I’m not referring to the reanimated dead depicted in popular TV series such as The Walking Dead. I’m talking about zombie servers lurking … [Read more...]

Got Docker? 4 Docker Management Tips


Digital technology is helping consumers get what they want, when they want it, at a competitive price.  It’s also transforming businesses and industries. Digital music flattened CDs. Online travel is sending agents on a permanent vacation. Other digital business models from Uber and Lyft are driving the taxi industry crazy. Companies of all shapes … [Read more...]

SOA Security Best Practices


In an era where security breaches are as common as apple pie and backyard baseball, all the talk surrounds keeping networks and systems secure. In an SOA environment, security is just as important, though it looks a little different than security in other architectures. Aside from the obvious purpose of SOA security (keeping systems safe from … [Read more...]

Converged Infrastructure vs Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


Converged Infrastructure 101 As a result of ongoing technology evolution, demand for a new type of hardware has reached a fever pitch. Today's businesses want IT to have fewer moving parts while offering the same or even expanded resources to users. This has resulted in a shift away from a one-to-one relationship between physical servers and … [Read more...]

Can you Solo in Cloud?


Imagine being a thousand feet in the air on the side of a cliff with no gear or ropes to protect you from falling.  Crazy huh? Well, there is a guy named Alex Honnold who does this on a regular basis. You may have seen him on 60 minutes or an AMEX commercial on TV. He is a professional rock climber and is known for soloing (climbing without ropes) … [Read more...]