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Is OpenStack a Cloud Management Platform?


Thinking about using OpenStack for your cloud?  You aren’t alone.  On the heels of the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, I thought it would be a good time to look at OpenStack and try to clarify some of the confusion.  Is OpenStack a Cloud Management Platform (CMP)?  Why would I need a CMP if I have OpenStack? Do containers (e.g. Docker) or other … [Read more...]

Hybrid Cloud Management Tools: How to Choose


The benefits of virtualization and cloud technologies include increased agility, flexibility, and scalability; they also inherently add layers of complexity to the tasks of managing and delivering services. Customers have high expectations that require IT to provision and deliver services faster than ever before as well as always working towards … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Introduce Docker Containers in Enterprise


Docker container technology has seen a rapid rise in early adoption and broad market acceptance. It is a technology that is seen to be a strategic enabler of business value because of the benefits it can provide in terms of reduced cost, reduced risk, and increased speed. As a relatively new technology, enterprises do not yet know how to introduce … [Read more...]

Top 5 Must-Read Cloud Blogs


Whether you’re a cloud computing novice or a long-time professional, it’s helpful to follow the experts who regularly blog on news and trends in the industry. With so many authors in the blogosphere, it’s challenging to know whose posts to read and whose advice to trust. We’re here to help! We’ve researched and compiled our list of top blogs and … [Read more...]

ZipKits: First Aid Kits for VENOM and Other Ills


Faster is pretty much always better, and that’s particularly true when it comes to instituting patches and remediating when new vulnerabilities are identified. The longer it takes to eliminate identified vulnerabilities, the longer there’s the potential that attackers can wreak havoc in an organization. Today’s digital enterprises are more … [Read more...]

Cloud Outages: 6 Things You Need to Know

Cloud Outages

If you Google “cloud outage,” you’ll receive a long list of news reports concerning Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft, Google, and others. It’s a common occurrence for cloud service providers to experience downtime. Given this reality, what do you need to know about cloud outages? Everybody has outages. There is nothing inherent in cloud … [Read more...]

3 Fundamental Requirements for Cloud Management Platforms


As companies embrace cloud adoption more pervasively—across both public and private cloud platforms—the required capabilities for cloud management platforms (CMPs) naturally evolve. Successful deployments by early adopters have brought some fundamental concepts to the forefront. First, cloud solutions need to reduce complexity; they need to … [Read more...]

What’s Inside That Container? What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!


I’ve been working with Vagrant over the past few months, and recently started investigating Docker hands-on in my lab. Both container technologies are impressive and useful and are changing the face of application delivery. But…well, we still have some distance to travel. For this article I consider both Vagrant and Docker to be similar … [Read more...]

Cloud Governance Best Practices


IDC Technology Spotlight “Mature Cloud Management Depends on Effective Governance and Automation”Free Download I apologize—I know it’s not a funny, wry, or ironic title. Articles about cloud are often followed up with some hyperbole about how cloud computing will help solve world peace. But I’m confident you, our readers, have moved on from the … [Read more...]