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The Results Are In – Enterprise Strategy Group Tests and Validates the Benefits of BMC’s Cloud Management Platform

You’ve heard a lot about the benefits of cloud computing and how it can help organizations improve agility, reduce capital costs, and move to a more efficient infrastructure.  At the same time, you may wonder if the claims made by vendors for solutions that manage the cloud are really true and whether your organization will see results that are … [Read more...]

ITOps, DevOps, and NoOps Explained

To my relief, new terms are emerging that are even more buzzwordy and fashionable than "cloud". The specific examples I have in mind are DevOps and its younger cousin, NoOps. Traditionally there has been a split, not to say a wall with spikes on top and a trench filled with fire, between IT operations and application developers. In this mode, … [Read more...]

Effective Cloud Management with CloudOps

IT operations tasks and processes have typically been manual, tedious, and rigid to ensure that changes are controlled and documented to prevent unplanned outages.  However, as environments shift to agile infrastructures where speed is everything, automation of IT tasks and processes becomes critical. This is especially true in cloud environments … [Read more...]

Four Essential Tips for Cloud Security

The frenetic pace and growth of digital business impacts the way companies are using the cloud to reduce costs, increase agility, and deliver services faster.  At the same time, news of security breaches are becoming commonplace, impacting the brand equity of organizations. Security is not only seen as a threat to cloud initiatives – it’s also an … [Read more...]

Bringing the Private Cloud to the Public Sector

People don’t often associate government with entrepreneurship. Within the Dutch government’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, however, we are taking an entrepreneurial approach to technology. We are driving a digital transformation that will dramatically enhance the service delivered to citizens, businesses, government agencies, and nongovernmental … [Read more...]

Infrastructure and How “Everything as Code” changes everything

This is the third blog in our mini-series that illustrates how BMC was able to use agile development, cloud services, an Infrastructure as Code approach, and new deployment technology to deliver a new cloud native product. Be sure to also read: Getting Started with Cloud Native Applications, 9 Steps for Building Pipelines for Continuous Delivery … [Read more...]

9 Steps for Building Pipelines for Continuous Delivery and Deployment

This is the second blog in our mini-series that illustrates how BMC was able to use the Spinnaker continuous deployment platform to deliver a new cloud-native product that we push to production once a week. Be sure to also read: Getting Started with Cloud Native Applications,  Infrastructure and How “Everything as Code” changes everything, … [Read more...]