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Cloud Governance Best Practices


I apologize—I know it’s not a funny, wry, or ironic title. Articles about cloud are often followed up with some hyperbole about how cloud computing will help solve world peace. But I’m confident you, our readers, have moved on from the cloud hype—that you’ve recognized that, while cloud is not a silver bullet for anything, it is undeniably an … [Read more...]

Compliance is a process, not an event


…or at least, it should be A recent PCI compliance report from Verizon contains some interesting findings. It starts off with what seems like good news: compliance rates between audits are increasing, with an 80% increase in the number of companies being validated as PCI-DSS compliant at their interim assessments. However, 80% of companies … [Read more...]

The real story behind security breaches: the SecOps Gap


The IT security news over the past year or so has been really bad. Sometimes it seemed that each day brought the story of yet another breach, every one bigger than the one before. According to a recent report, more than one billion records were exposed over more than 1,500 individual incidents. It can be difficult to explain how this can happen. … [Read more...]

Morningstar’s Cloud Transforms the Business

Morningstar is the 2014 BMC Cloud Innovator of the Year

Adopting new technologies and integrating them with its product offerings is almost an obsession at Morningstar, Inc. However, Andrew Watts, Morningstar’s IT director, makes it clear that Morningstar isn’t interested in technology for technology’s sake. Before embracing any new technology, IT always asks two questions: What will this new … [Read more...]

Cloud Security Issues: Tips For Minimizing Risk

7 Tips for Cloud Computing Security

The first rule of cloud security is, you do not talk about cloud security issues. No, wait, that's not right - everybody talks about cloud security risks and issues. Gartner just ran a survey on the factors preventing adoption of the cloud, and more than 50% of respondents cited security and privacy. The problem is that much of that talk … [Read more...]

Transamerica’s Smart Automation Reduces Risk and Costs

Transamerica: Automation Innovator of the Year Finalist for 2014

Eight years of superb compliance. Cost savings of several hundred thousand in seven months for one automation project alone. Those are major accomplishments to brag about. But Chris Blanks, Top Technical Automation Specialist at Transamerica Life Insurance Company, part of the international Aegon Group, is more interested in uncovering new ways to … [Read more...]

Security Automation And The SecOps Crisis

Server admin

This last week brought major changes in the business cost of  poorly automated IT security. A US federal judge ruled that banks can sue Target to recover damages because poor security played a “key role” in allowing its systems to be compromised. Banks now have the ability to go after merchants that have been hacked. From here it is a short step … [Read more...]

Gartner Data Center 2014: Infrastructure and Operations Conference

Gartner Data Center

This is the thirty-third year for Gartner Data Center, Gartner’s Infrastructure and Operations Management Conference. This year, 2800 attendees are expected from around the world, with over eighty sponsors and exhibitors, plus over fifty press and analysts. What can you expect to see on site? Here are the details. Where: Gartner Data Center The … [Read more...]

Giving Customers What They Want Gives Aviva a Competitive Edge

Transamerica: Automation Innovator of the Year Finalist for 2014

Aviva is passionate about understanding what customers want. And in recent years, a growing number of Aviva’s 31 million customers around the world have made it clear that digital is how they want to do business. That’s why Aviva has made digital central to the way it operates. Aviva is a company that is going through a digital transformation: … [Read more...]