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Got Docker? 4 Docker Management Tips


Digital technology is helping consumers get what they want, when they want it, at a competitive price.  It’s also transforming businesses and industries. Digital music flattened CDs. Online travel is sending agents on a permanent vacation. Other digital business models from Uber and Lyft are driving the taxi industry crazy. Companies of all shapes … [Read more...]

SOA Security Best Practices


In an era where security breaches are as common as apple pie and backyard baseball, all the talk surrounds keeping networks and systems secure. In an SOA environment, security is just as important, though it looks a little different than security in other architectures. Aside from the obvious purpose of SOA security (keeping systems safe from … [Read more...]

Converged Infrastructure vs Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


Converged Infrastructure 101 As a result of ongoing technology evolution, demand for a new type of hardware has reached a fever pitch. Today's businesses want IT to have fewer moving parts while offering the same or even expanded resources to users. This has resulted in a shift away from a one-to-one relationship between physical servers and … [Read more...]

Can you Solo in Cloud?


Imagine being a thousand feet in the air on the side of a cliff with no gear or ropes to protect you from falling.  Crazy huh? Well, there is a guy named Alex Honnold who does this on a regular basis. You may have seen him on 60 minutes or an AMEX commercial on TV. He is a professional rock climber and is known for soloing (climbing without ropes) … [Read more...]

IT Predictions for 2016: The Year of the (Even Bigger) Cloud


As January kicks off and thoughts shift to the year ahead, we at BMC took an opportunity to reach out to the cloud influencer community to get a better glimpse at what 2016 has in store for IT and the cloud. As we chatted with these evangelists, one thing became clear, growth and expansion are on everyone’s mind. From building out more data … [Read more...]

Top 6 DevOps Conferences to Attend in 2016


Looking to delve a bit deeper into DevOps this year? If so, then conferences are the ideal way to stay on top of the trends, industry movers and shakers, and products to support your goals. Some of these industry events are surprisingly affordable, and all have something unique and interesting to add to your knowledge and skills repertoire. 1) … [Read more...]

Advantages of Cloud Computing: 5 Benefits

Advantages of Cloud Computing 5 Benefits

There are plenty of articles and blogs extolling the benefits of Cloud computing such as: ubiquitous access, unlimited scale and pay only for what you use. However, in this blog, I wanted to focus on the cloud computing advantages that our customers are actually realizing from their cloud computing efforts.  These aren’t promised benefits, they are … [Read more...]

Reduce IT Vulnerabilities by Bridging the SecOps Gap


Security threats are becoming a more serious and frequent problem than ever before, costing companies millions of dollars per breach event. The good news is that many of these could be avoided, as hackers frequently take advantage of known vulnerabilities.  The bad news is that many organizations are unprepared because IT Operations and Security … [Read more...]