AWS Linear Learner: Using Amazon SageMaker for Logistic Regression


In the last blog post we showed you how to use Amazon SageMaker. So read that one before you read this one because there we show screen prints and explain how to use the graphical interface of the product, including its hosted Jupyter Notebooks feature. We also introduced the SageMaker API, which is a front end for Google TensorFlow and other … [Read more...]

Six Key Capabilities to Look for in a Managed File Transfer Solution


Let’s talk about your 24x7x365 business—that’s right, your business is always on. You may go home at 5pm (on a good day), but there are critical business functions happening all the time. And many of these business functions include the transfer of a file. For example, retailers regularly send pricing update files to stores. If that doesn’t happen … [Read more...]

Cryptojackers Are Stealing Your Electrons


Currency, in all its forms, has thieves that take what is not theirs. Cryptocurrency is no different. The fact that bitcoins are not a physical currency does not stop cybercriminals from stealing them, but these are not the same as cryptojackers. Cryptojackers are out to steal your electrons. Hijackers are bad guys that overtake something and … [Read more...]

The Basics of IT Virtualization

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IT virtualization is the creation of a virtual—rather than a physical—version of an IT device or resource. Many people think of virtualization only in terms of virtual machines (VMs), where one physical machine hosts many VMs running different operating system implementations. It’s not uncommon for example, for a single Intel or IBM POWER system to … [Read more...]

What is Root Cause Analysis? Root Cause Analysis Explained


In the world of software development and technology, the likelihood of having to try something out and then try it again is extremely high. Engineers learn from their mistakes and use them as an opportunity to grow their ever-expanding skill sets. While this can be beneficial at times, the idea of a major failure when it comes to networks or entire … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Guide to Test Automation Frameworks


Testing frameworks are vital to any testing process that’s automated – and that you want to succeed. Before any application or software can be deployed, proper testing must occur to make sure it works the way it’s meant to. Testing used to be an entirely manual process, but as automation continues to gain traction, there are many ways to test an … [Read more...]

Getting Real Results Today with Artificial Intelligence


Once the stuff of science fiction stories, artificial intelligence (AI) is moving into the mainstream. Practical applications are rapidly emerging and businesses are exploiting AI apps to deliver significant value. In particular, cognitive computing capabilities are now performing many routine, mundane tasks that humans have been saddled with in … [Read more...]

How SecOps Improves IT Security Through A Shift-Left Approach


Most of the time when we talk about SecOps, we are really implying DevSecOps. If you aren’t familiar with the DevSecOps concept, I suggest reading Rick Bosworth’s article on What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps Explained. However, not all organizations have completely transitioned over to DevOps. In today's technology environments, there is still a mix … [Read more...]

Delight Users and Simplify IT with Enterprise Chatbots


Today’s consumer digital experiences are better than ever—seamless, convenient, and intelligent. Why should the workplace be any different? In fact, leading IT organizations are already delivering digital workplace experiences that rival the consumer services people love. They’re not just being nice; a modern, personalized experience drives … [Read more...]