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Who Uses ITIL?

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Stephen Watts
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Stephen Watts

ITIL® is used by organizations in all industries and sectors, including: large, medium, and small companies; U.S. federal, state, and local governments; and universities. ITIL can benefit any organization that provides an IT service management (ITSM) product or service.

As a set of practices that imparts practical and strategic guidance for ITSM, ITIL is used as a guide to help groups improve the value of their services by focusing on solving business issues rather than just improving IT capabilities. Organizations use ITIL as a framework for improving or implementing capabilities that will provide specific business value.

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Every organization has unique qualities and parameters, therefore it’s important for a team who uses ITIL to evaluate and apply the guidelines in a way that fits the needs of its business. Used wisely, the benefits achieved can include cost reduction by optimizing use of resources, improved service delivery and customer satisfaction, and a stronger alignment between IT and business groups.

Since ITIL is a set of best practices and not a standard, organizations are free to adopt as much of the ITIL framework as is valuable to them. However, the more ITIL-compliant an organization’s processes are, the greater the benefits that organization will realize.

If you’re new to ITIL, check out our Complete Guide to ITIL.

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ITIL® Best Practice Books

These free booklets highlights important elements from the latest version of ITIL® so that you can quickly understand key changes and actionable concepts.
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Stephen Watts

Stephen Watts

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