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Discovery and Dependency Mapping in the Information Age

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Joy Su

Technology is constantly updating and evolving, so much so that we don’t necessarily notice. We simply expect it to happen.

That’s a reflection of the connected world we live and work in. We’ve become accustomed to not only regular updates, but also automatic updates. From the apps on our devices to the operating systems that power them to the cars we drive, we expect our technology to update without us even thinking about it—and we trust that everything will work the way we need it to.

Why should your discovery and dependency mapping solution be any different?

A critical tool

A discovery and dependency mapping tool is only as good as its ability to keep up with the pace of changing technology. Yet most solutions in the marketplace don’t offer this experience of dynamic, regular updates that reflect the evolving realities of modern IT.

That’s what sets BMC Helix Discovery apart from the pack. It has been providing rich, continuous content updates to its platform for more than 15 years. Think of it as the “secret sauce” that enables the depth and breadth necessary for meeting the discovery and dependency mapping requirements of today’s dynamic multi-cloud environments.

It’s not just about today, though. Discovery and dependency mapping needs to account for yesterday and tomorrow, too.

Multi-cloud environments indeed exist today and are only expected to grow in the future. A 451 Research survey found that 69% of respondents expect to be running some kind of multi-cloud environment by 2019. Meanwhile, research firm IDC has predicted that combined IT spending on private and public cloud infrastructure will exceed spending on traditional data centers for the first time in 2020.

Yet this doesn’t mean we’re leaving the past entirely behind. Most enterprises will need to continue operating legacy systems for the foreseeable future.

Looking back, looking ahead

This has enormous implications for discovery and dependency mapping: If your solution can’t see the past, present, and future of your infrastructure and services, it’s inadequate.

BMC Helix Discovery accounts for all three: Its robust, monthly content updates ensure that you’ve got the visibility needed to effectively manage your increasingly complex and distributed environments. It offers an unmatched ability to discover even the most complex IT environments. BMC Helix Discovery features:

  • More than 40,000 software versions, including the biggest names in commercial and open source
  • 4,000-plus asset types
  • 3,000-plus different network devices
  • 20 major storage brands
  • 1,000-plus relationship types
  • 15 different technologies and platforms popular in DevOps shops, including Kubernetes, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and OpenStack

That latter group, in particular, speaks to our increasingly multi-cloud world, and how BMC Helix Discovery supports it.

The fact that so many of those platforms and technologies have exploded onto the scene only relatively recently also underlines the importance of a discovery and dependency mapping solution that sees the past, present, and future of IT. Too many tools lag behind the times. You need a solution that keeps up with today’s pace by delivering regular, automatic updates.

You don’t just need it—you expect it. BMC Helix Discovery has delivered this solution for the past 15 years, it delivers it today, and it will continue delivering it in the future.

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Joy Su

Joy Su is the Director of Solutions Marketing in Digital Service Management. She joined BMC in 2016 and is passionate about helping enterprises transform with cutting edge technology. Prior to BMC, Joy led product marketing at Quicken and held brand and product marketing positions at Intel. She earned both her MBA and BS from the University of California – Berkeley, Haas School of Business.