How to Measure the Value of Your DevOps Organization


In many ways, moving from development to production is like driving along a road trying to reach your destination as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Taking a road with bumps, blind spots, and heavy traffic can make it difficult to get there faster and safer - not to mention the aggravation that occurs when you’re backed up in traffic and … [Read more...]

What is SOA? Service-Oriented Architecture Explained


What Is Service-Oriented Architecture? SOA is a structure that allows services to communicate with each other across different platforms and languages by implementing what is known as a “loose coupling” system. While the concept of SOA has been around for many years, it is only within the past decade that it has risen to the forefront of … [Read more...]

ITOps, DevOps, and NoOps Explained

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ITOps, DevOps, NoOps, and more

We live in a world defined by technology, speed, and innovation – and this applies to products and the companies that make them. Companies have to continually shift to meet increasing needs so they can get a useful product to market as quickly as possible. Vital to this process is the information technology (IT) team. Every company in the 21st … [Read more...]

Digital Business Automation, DevOps, and 20/20 Vision


The year 2020 will be here before you know it and many businesses are setting their sights on what they can do to achieve that perfect “20/20” vision. It’s a goal that involves quickly delivering new, high-quality applications, which will become even more critical than ever to help companies become more competitive. In fact, the race is in full … [Read more...]

Pizza and Best Practices for Agile and DevOps Adoption


When I think about the challenges of digital business and the need to innovate quickly while reducing risk and delivering the perfect customer experience, pizza comes to mind. And it’s not just because I’m hungry. Consider how pizza has transformed over the years from the basic options of just a cheese or pepperoni pizza to complete meals that can … [Read more...]

Modern Batch: Managing the Madness?


My previous installment in this series ranted about what is batch and how it still remains an essential discipline in computing. This time, I want to focus on the value of a batch approach for “modern” technologies like cloud, containers, microservices and serverless computing. It may be ironic that the management approaches and best practices … [Read more...]

Modern Batch. To Batch or Not to Batch? There’s no question!


Batch is Dead, Long Live Batch To borrow a line from the salute to new kings, as an “old” batch application may die, “modern” batch applications spring up to replace them. That is because a batch approach makes a whole lot of sense for many scenarios.  Below are a few examples. Transactions Let’s consider an interactive application like online … [Read more...]