Donald Pate

Donald Pate

Don began his career with IBM 35 years ago and has served in a wide range of roles during that time including CEO positions with Tonic Software and NEON Systems. He currently serves as BMC's VP of Z optimization.

What is on Your Mainframe Wish List?

If you had 3 wishes… how would you use them to improve your IBM mainframe environment? Each year, IBM mainframe customers have the chance to answer this question in the BMC Software Annual Mainframe Survey. BMC was founded on the principle of asking smart customers this question, listening to their answers, and then feeding that information … [Read more...]

Do you believe in “free puppies”?

I remember one day when my kids saw a large sign on the side of the road that said “Free Puppies,” which meant, of course, we needed to take at least two of them home with us. One puppy each, right? What the kids didn’t realize was this: although the initial price of the puppy was free, the cost to care for, feed, and nurture the puppy was far from … [Read more...]

3 Wicked MLC Moves to Reduce Your Mainframe Costs

Wicked MLC Moves to Reduce Your Mainframe Costs

According to our annual survey, for the last five years mainframe executives have reported that their number one need is to reduce the cost of mainframe—the business-critical ruler of their world. And, for most of them, this means that they need to find ways to specifically reduce the cost of the unique mainframe software products that only IBM … [Read more...]