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Top 4 Questions When Breaking Free from Broadcom/CA

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Donald Pate

BMC has helped many businesses break Broadcom/CA’s hold on their business. In fact, here at BMC we did it, and are enjoying the benefits of being “BC Free” by replacing all Broadcom/CA products. We have identified the top four questions and concerns we hear most from companies who are being faced with a Broadcom/CA renewal.

Before we get to the list, it is important to note that all Broadcom/CA products can and probably now should be replaced. Your business should not be at the mercy of any single vendor committed to a financial leverage strategy thru “all or nothing” bundled contracts. This is one of those “Dent in the Universe” moments that needs to be corrected in the marketplace. The list below goes through the questions we commonly hear regarding BC free projects and how BMC can address those questions or concerns.

1. Our business uses many products from Broadcom/CA, can BMC really replace them all?

No … that is not what we are saying. Many times, the solution to becoming “Broadcom Free” is created by simply doing a bit more business with BMC and IBM for example, being careful along the way to make choices based on which one is best for your needs today and in the future. In addition, sometimes we find gaps where neither BMC or IBM have the best BC/ca replacement solution and that is where the Broadcom Free federation comes into play. This combination of “Best of Breed products” when with BMC professional migration services is what drives our belief that … “All Broadcom/CA products can and probably now should be replaced.”

2. My business is looking at a substantial price increase to renew with Broadcom/CA, will switching to BMC reduce my costs?

The short answer is “yes.” Broadcom Free projects typically produce significant cost optimization. How? First, by breaking a vendor’s bundle contract leverage, customers gain the benefit of being once again in a competitive marketplace where companies work hard to earn your business based on delivering value … net/net lower costs. In addition, there are significant savings/benefits with freedom to choose products that are optimized to meet your needs for today (i.e. modernize; become more agile; reduce resource consumption such as HW; people; time etc…)

3. The complexity of breaking free from Broadcom/CA seems overwhelming, can BMC help with the migration?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our migration process ensuring you experience zero business disruption. Our professional services team will work with your team to ensure you have complete project success, frictionless migration, and staff training designed for your long-term success. We dive much deeper into this question in this blog.

4. I am looking to start a migration away from Broadcom/CA in 12-24 months, when should I start working with BMC?

The sooner the better. BMC is here to be a partner, the longer lead-time we have to understand your business objectives and mission-critical architecture, the better we can develop a comprehensive migration plan to ensure a successful migration outcome.

The choice is in your hands

All Broadcom/CA products can and probably now should be replaced, and when you are faced with a shocking increase in costs during renewals, there is no better time to make the switch than now. BMC has helped many companies break free from Broadcom/CA and we are here to help you make the switch. Take a deeper dive into the frictionless migration process that BMC can provide by reading the Broadcom/CA Migration Guide.

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Breaking the Broadcom hold on your business: It’s about finding the right partners As enterprises look for more flexible and cost-efficient solutions, the global demand for an alternative has increased dramatically since the Broadcom/CA Technologies acquisition.

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Donald Pate

Don Pate is Vice President Z Optimization. Don Joined BMC in 2009 to help lead WW competitive replacement projects. Prior to BMC Software, Don spent 10 years with IBM in a variety of sales positions and served as CEO of two firms: Tonic Software and Neon Systems.