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Conquering the Complexity of becoming Broadcom/CA Free

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Donald Pate

As many Broadcom/CA customers grasp what the acquisition by Broadcom means to their business, a few things are clear* during the renewal process:

  1. The increase in renewal rate is surprising
  2. There is a lack of a defined roadmap for future product development for those already utilizing their platform and products
  3. Customer support is starting to show cracks, and impacting on-going support

So where do you go from here? Back to the drawing board? Well, any transition away from Broadcom/CA can seem like a daunting and arduous task to take-on, especially when IT teams are already working on strategic initiatives like digital transformation, remote worker support, and just keeping things running in these unprecedented times.

Businesses are often fearful of the perceived complexity of migrating to become Broadcom/CA free, but also may not fully understand that seamless migration can be achieved with zero business disruption. To achieve such a seamless migration, businesses and IT teams need to identify and understand that with the right vendor or software partner migration can be painless and experience savings versus renewing a solution that has increasing costs. The financial impact to the business of just renewing for fear of complexity, may be costlier than migrating to a better solution. It’s time that your business breaks free from Broadcom.

Mainframe Management is Mission-Critical

For business-critical applications that enable mainframe management, migrating to a solution that meets your business objectives, with the help of personalized support is key to future-ready success. BMC provides a full suite solution for those looking to make the switch from Broadcom/CA. BMC makes the migration frictionless, helping identify what products need replaced and how BMC can replace them for you with painless phased migration and implementation paths. BMC can assist in this migration burden through our Managed Services, operating as an extension of your business’ IT team, ensuring you are positioned for long-term success after you have broken free of Broadcom.

You are not alone in your exploration to break free from Broadcom. BMC has been helping 2+ enterprises each week migrate to BMC since 2018, helping businesses unleash productivity, efficiency, and realizing a prosperous future.

Explore how breaking free from Broadcom may be smoother and less complex than you ever imagined.

*Based on surveys conducted by BMC to Broadcom/CA customers.

Break free from Broadcom/CA with Zero Business Disruption Explore Now

Breaking the Broadcom hold on your business: It’s about finding the right partners As enterprises look for more flexible and cost-efficient solutions, the global demand for an alternative has increased dramatically since the Broadcom/CA Technologies acquisition.

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Donald Pate

Don Pate is Vice President Z Optimization. Don Joined BMC in 2009 to help lead WW competitive replacement projects. Prior to BMC Software, Don spent 10 years with IBM in a variety of sales positions and served as CEO of two firms: Tonic Software and Neon Systems.