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BMC Helix Cloud Security automates security checks and remediation for cloud IaaS and PaaS resources, to manage configurations consistently, securely, and with an audit trail.

Automated cloud security posture management

Designed for the cloud, in the cloud, BMC Helix Cloud Security takes the pain out of security and compliance for cloud resources and containers.

  • Cloud security scoring and remediation for public cloud Iaas and PaaS services from AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Automated remediation — no coding required
  • Container configuration security for Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and GKE
  • Automated ticketing enrichment via ITSM integration
  • Ready-to-use CIS, PCI DSS, & GDPR policies, plus support for custom policies
  • Automated cloud server security management for AWS EC2 and MS Azure VMs

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Achieve and maintain security and compliance across your multi-cloud business

Scale security and compliance for fluid multi-cloud environments

Director of Cloud Operations

Your cloud footprint is constantly evolving, requiring a solution that accelerates agility without compromising security and compliance. BMC Helix Cloud Security is up to the challenge.

  • Automated security checks and remediation for AWS, Azure, and GCP IaaS and PaaS services
  • Multi-cloud security posture from a single, intuitive UI
  • Automated configuration drift monitoring
  • Automated AWS EC2 and MS Azure VM security and compliance, including patch and vulnerability management via integration to TrueSight Automation for Servers

Use cases:

  • Automated, app-centric cloud security posture management (CSPM)
  • Event-driven compliance to find new violations, then remediate automatically
  • Closed-loop security incident and change management
  • Hybrid cloud server security

Secure the multi-cloud resources your apps consume – then keep them that way

Director of IT Operations

Maintaining a multi-cloud environment requires knowledge of cloud services’ configurations, the associated risks, and an ability to close security gaps quickly. Now you can instill governance without hamstringing the agility the business demands.

  • Visualize, assess, and report on cloud security posture across multiple platforms, accounts, and apps from a single dashboard
  • Filter violations by severity, platform, account, and more to remediate those with the greatest risk
  • Automate remediation to reduce risk and increase quality

Use cases:

  • Automated, app-centric cloud security posture management (CSPM)
  • Event-driven compliance to find new violations, then remediate automatically
  • Closed-loop security incident and change management
  • Hybrid cloud server security

Enable stakeholder agility without compromising security, compliance, or governance

Director of Security and Compliance

The cloud presents unique security challenges. BMC Helix Cloud Security delivers the governance, flexibility, and scale to secure your multi-cloud footprint.

  • Centralize governance of IaaS and PaaS across AWS, Azure, and GCP via custom and ready-to-use policies (e.g., CIS, PCI DSS, GDPR)
  • Simplify cloud security for developers, so they can be your force-multiplier, freeing your staff up for higher value work
  • Automate security checks and remediation with no coding required

Use cases:

  • Automated multi-cloud security posture management (CSPM)
  • Security checks on-schedule, on-demand, or on-change
  • App-centric security, to simplify CSPM for developers
  • Full-stack container configuration security (Docker, k8s, OpenShift)
  • Automated incident ticket enrichment
  • Hybrid cloud server management, to enable agility while finding AWS EC2 and MS Azure VM instances and keeping them patched

Drive new revenue streams with security and compliance end-user services

Cloud Service Provider

Your customers expect security and compliance expertise for multi-cloud services and technologies. With BMC Helix Cloud Security, your customers can embed security checks and remediation into their cloud operations, to consistently and securely configure the cloud resources their apps consume.

  • Deliver differentiated services to your cloud and networking tenants to help them stay secure and compliant
  • Help tenants reduce their compliance and security risks proactively
  • Improve tenants’ security confidence, leading to increased cloud usage

Use cases:

  • Provide security and compliance tests on-demand, allowing tenants to get complete visibility into their cloud security posture across all their cloud resources and services
  • Provide integrated BMC Helix Cloud Security API security assessments with CSP infrastructure for immediate policy decisions
  • Offer preemptive security and compliance monitoring with notifications and alerts
  • Receive alert notification reports of new security violations within the last 24 hours

Getting started with BMC Helix Cloud Security is easy