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The Next Phase of Run and Reinvent

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Here at BMC, Run and Reinvent is more than a tagline. We want to help our customers run their operations/business more efficiently so they can focus on reinventing for tomorrow with an eye on becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise (ADE)—more on that below. Don’t just take it from us. A new paper from Ptak Associates shows how we’re bringing run and reinvent to life:

The paper highlights how we’ve leveraged our competitive advantage in five key areas to help our customers in healthcare, finance, telecom, public sector, transportation, and more identify opportunities for change and optimize their operations without sacrificing quality or security.

  • Transformation strategy: We have recognized that transformation requires detailed strategy and planning, and that products, processes, and the workplace should be user-driven and service-oriented to fulfill user/customer expectations and demands.
  • Cloud and datacenter optimization: BMC Helix solutions provide a common platform that supports discovery, security, operations management and optimization, vulnerability assessment, predictive analysis, and remediation for on-and off-premise server, network, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Cognitive service management: BMC Helix leverages existing technologies and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), chatbots, and virtual agents to speed operations, improve accuracy, and increase cost savings in service creation and delivery.
  • Automation and orchestration: We help enterprises move from creative ideation to an innovative, competitive, and differentiated product and service market reality by closely analyzing existing processes and workflows and identifying opportunities to improve them with orchestration, integration, and automation.
  • Mainframe modernization: An increase in workloads, complex workflows, and security requirements have led to the evolution of the mainframe as both an on-site and distributed hybrid solution. BMC AMI supports the self-managing mainframe with automated intelligence and end-to-end products.

Ram Chakravarti, CTO at BMC Software, has a specific path forward in mind, and it’s actually been fairly prescient with the current sociopolitical and geographic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Chakravarti, organizations who want to thrive in the future will need to evolve to what he’s calling an Autonomous Digital Enterprise, where intelligent systems operate with minimal human involvement or interference across the organization and its collaborative partner ecosystem.

Driven by a next-generation business model, an ADE is growth-oriented and delivers value with competitive differentiation enabled by agility, customer centricity, and actionable insights. In support of this, people’s roles in the enterprise will evolve to new roles that require human judgement and support the autonomous systems that run the business. The operating model characteristics of such an enterprise include:

  • Innovation ecosystems in a sharing economy
  • Self-contained digital business domains
  • Optimized technology buying
  • Evolved role of centralized IT
  • Tech-savvy corporate functions

BMC helps customers run core operations and reinvent for the future through intelligent solutions that support adopting cloud technologies, applying pervasive automation, practicing enterprise DevOps, and using security solutions to protect data in the mainframe and cloud. Organizations that aspire to be Autonomous Digital Enterprises will need to run and reinvent to adapt for the future. You can read more about this on the new ADE web page, and for more on the Run and Reinvent story, check out the whitepaper.

BMC Run and Reinvent 2019 => 2020

The Ptak Associates white paper explores Run and Reinvent in 2020 and looks at how BMC Software is helping businesses evolve and become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.
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