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Unlocking Business Value with Modern DataOps: Post-Webinar Recap & Insights

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Nick Mears

Following our paradigm-shifting webinar titled “Unlocking Business Value with Modern DataOps,” we’re excited to reflect on these transformative discussions and the enthusiastic participation of our audience.

Guided by BMC’s very own experts, Ron Coleman and John Barry from the BMC AMI Data product management team, this session was a deep dive into reinventing how organizations handle data management, aligning it with the objectives of becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

One of the main themes of our webinar was the reimagining of databases not just as assets to be maintained, but also as pivotal elements in a broader, strategic context. We shared insights into how BMC AMI Data is a leader within this movement, providing innovative solutions that transform traditional data management into a modern, progressive DataOps framework.

For the database administrator (DBA), we addressed these all too familiar traditional data management challenges:​

  • Data maintenance overload—Constantly maintaining and managing databases can be overwhelming, taking up a significant portion of your day.​
  • Reactive—When you’re always “fighting fires,” the best monitor is the phone, or you’re learning of issues through external social channels like X (formerly Twitter)!
  • Application performance challenges—Ensuring that applications run smoothly and at peak performance means ensuring that they databases they depend on do so as well.​

For the developer, we addressed common challenges such as:​

  • Data accessibility—Data silos can impede quick access to data, slowing down the development process, creating bottlenecks, and causing deployment delays.​
  • Integration complexity—Integrating data management into a DevOps workflow can be complex and time-consuming—or seemingly impossible.​
  • Quality and speed—Inefficient data management practices or poor-performing SQL can prevent developers from delivering high-quality software quickly. ​

In the end, the audience left with key takeaways addressing the many challenges that DBAs, developers, and management all face:

Beyond maintenance:

We challenged the traditional view of databases and introduced a new paradigm where data management is a critical player in achieving business outcomes.

DigitalOps transformation pillars:

We elaborated on the three pillars—resiliency, agility, and observability—that are essential for a successful digital transformation, offering tactics to dismantle silos and ensure optimal application performance.

DevOps integration:

Practical strategies were shared for incorporating DevOps into data management workflows, spotlighting specialized solutions such as BMC AMI SQL Performance for Db2® and BMC AMI DevOps for Db2®. These tools are designed to accelerate time-to-market and elevate the quality of software deliverables.

The webinar offered thought leadership as well as a call to action for DBAs, developers, and business leaders to embrace new approaches that promise to deliver enhanced business value. We delved into how the limitations of inward-focused data management can be overcome by adopting an application-centric, outward-looking DataOps approach.

Most importantly, the strategies discussed aim to alleviate maintenance burdens, enhance data accessibility, and efficiently support high-quality software delivery.

For instance, BMC AMI Database Administration for Db2® can automatically capture and propagate database changes across IBM® Db2® environments while enforcing DevOps best practices with BMC AMI DevOps for Db2®. You can also:

We appreciate the many questions we received during the webinar, and the post-webinar discussions that followed, reflecting the enthusiasm data management teams have about transitioning toward modern data operations. For those who could not attend, we invite you to watch the on-demand video. We also plan to share this valuable experience in future sessions, as well as provide you with the actionable insights needed to advance your modern DataOps journey.

Thank you to all who participated. Your involvement is a testament to the shared commitment to excellence in data management. We strongly believe that the strategies and solutions discussed will empower significant advancements in your teams, and we look forward to learning about the impact of this transformation.

BMC Community – Webinar: Unlocking Business Value with Modern DataOps

Unlocking Business Value with Modern DataOps

Learn how to unlock business value with DataOps and transformative application-driven and forward-thinking data management strategies.

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Nick Mears (new author) As Principal Solutions Marketing Manager at BMC Software, Nick leads global solutions marketing initiatives within BMC Software's AMI team for AI-driven and DevOps-focused data management and mainframe-centric SaaS and on-prem applications. In this role, Nick helps data management and software development organizations that feature AI, ML, and intelligent automation capabilities increase the efficiency, availability, stability, and release velocity of enterprise-grade data management and DevOps applications. Nick has over 15 years of experience supporting technology companies and enterprise-grade software with customer-oriented value.