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Maximize SQL visibility, eliminate wasteful SQL statements, and optimize your workload access paths and indexing strategy with BMC AMI SQL Performance for Db2®.

Keep bad SQL out of production

  • Shift left with performance reports for developers during SQL creation
  • Identify and tune resource-intense SQL statements to reduce CPU consumption
  • Improve performance and availability
  • Diagnose and track performance problems to their source
  • Anticipate SQL-related slowdowns so you can resolve them early
  • Ensure your SQL runs efficiently and cost effectively
  • Automatically optimize application performance when combined with BMC AMI Database Performance for Db2®

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Optimize SQL efficiency, quality, and velocity

Optimize SQL performance and tuning with low overhead

Manage Performance

BMC AMI SQL Performance for Db2® is a complete solution that manages SQL performance throughout the application lifecycle and audits privileged access to reduce risk.

  • Perform SQL tuning with lower overhead and a focus on where resources are spent
  • Validate SQL during development to ensure valid access paths and uphold SQL best practices
  • Gather, manage, and understand historical performance data for trends and forecasting
  • Analyze index usage, including identifying unused indexes and modeling index changes, to improve your indexing strategy

Quickly diagnose and track problems

Diagnose Problems

Incident and problem management in the database is easy with BMC AMI SQL Performance for Db2®.

  • Rapidly diagnose and track performance problems to their source
  • Increase availability by pinpointing resource-consuming SQL statements without running expensive SQL traces
  • Anticipate and resolve slowdowns to avoid bad SQL, bad access paths, and costly CPU upgrades
  • Evaluate space and performance metrics to determine when reorganization is necessary
  • Avoid change and migration problems by comparing workload access paths

Shift left with mainframe DevOps

Agility Illustrations

This innovative capability provides a Jenkins plugin leveraging BMC AMI SQL Performance for Db2 to interrogate SQL and evaluate it in both its current environment and against target production environments.

  • Shift left and ensure that SQL coding standards and performance issues are reported and resolved prior to moving to the next step
  • Validate that your SQL syntax follows industry best practices and company standards
  • Analyze both Static SQL and Dynamic SQL accessing your Db2 data by capturing and measuring against industry and company standards
  • Automatically send alert notifications of exceptions to application developers during the development lifecycle
“We realized that if we didn’t do something to reduce consumption, we would need an additional CPU upgrade. So we began an IT-wide tuning initiative and used our BMC tools to find ways to improve performance and reduce MIPS.” — Terry Glover, Director, Technical Architecture and Support, Dillard’s
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