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The COVID-19 pandemic gave the world minimal notice for a global shift in how we operate nearly all aspects of our daily life. What felt like an overnight sprint to this new normal has now become a long-term marathon back to our previous life. As we try to adapt to the changes personally and professionally, companies have to quickly pivot their operations to ensure employees have connectivity, productivity, and security.

BMC has long enabled companies to address their business challenges and meet transformational goals. Still, as the pandemic carries on, the importance of supporting companies through this time has become a top priority. As part of this initiative, special offers are available in direct response to this extended time, as well as webinars that are available to offer educational insight to address and optimize operations.

Check out the current offers and webinars below offering tools and strategies that can help enable your remote workforce. Got a topic or a question you’d like addressed? Add it to the comments!

New remote workers create endpoint vulnerabilities

As we shift to new ways of working, keeping employees secure and effective is a top priority. BMC Client Management optimizes your service management, automates your endpoint management, and delivers great service to your end users while maintaining compliance and reducing security risk.

 Manage your new remote workforce: Watch the webinar replay

This webinar provides an overview of BMC Client Management and how it can help support your growing remote workforce by keeping your endpoints secure. Learn best practices on how to keep your company safe and productive as you navigate uncertain times.

Topics include:

  • Secure, remote control endpoints
  • Deploy and update applications
  • FAQs on best remote control practices

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Analyze network requirements

Manage network capacity to support remote workers: Watch the webinar replay

Get insight into the use and capacity requirements of your VPN as demand surges. Can your VPN keep up with the needs of your new remote workers? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how BMC IT is meeting the performance needs of our own employees and get tips to keep your own organization productive.

Topics include:

  • Business continuity modeling to prepare for the unexpected
  • Monitoring end user response for applications
  • Q&A about the network capacity practices we rely on at BMC IT

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Enabling remote workers

Making WFH Work for your Business: Watch the webinar replay

Remote work is being put to the test. Listen to our webinar to learn how to keep your Work-From-Home (WFH) strategy working by unlocking strategies to support your employees during these unprecedented times.

Topics include:

  • Ensuring employees have the right tools and technology to remain productive
  • Methods for enabling your workforce to stay connected and collaborate
  • Strategies for handling an increase in service requests
  • Moving forward in the new worst of distributed work

OnDemand Webinar: Manage network capacity to support remote users

Can your VPN keep up with the needs of your new remote workers? Join us to learn how BMC IT is meeting the performance needs of our own employees, and get tips to keep your own organization productive.

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