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BMC Exchange 2020 Day 1 Recap

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Stephanie Grubbs

BMC Exchange 2020 was a resounding success. A huge thank you to our customers, sponsors, partners, and employees who joined us for our first virtual BMC Exchange. If you weren’t able to attend the sessions live, or you’re interested in a refresh, you can watch all of them on-demand now at To whet your appetite, here are a few highlights from Day 1.

Capitalize on the Unexpected: Your Winning Path as an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

Featuring: BMC CEO Ayman Sayed, SAP COO Christine Schöneweis, and Park Place CEO Chris Adams

Our Day 1 keynote was headlined by Ayman Sayed, President and CEO of BMC, who shared how today’s tumultuous global markets and rapid technology advances can turn a potential disruption into a major competitive advantage for Autonomous Digital Enterprises (ADEs) across all industries. He talked with Park Place CEO Chris Adams and SAP COO Christine Schöneweis about how your current IT investments are the foundation for the innovative intelligence-driven solutions that can help you become an ADE. Ayman also shared new and exciting solution announcements and a few great customer success stories. Don’t miss your chance to watch this session on-demand!

Is Your Organization Ready: ADE Competitive Index

Featuring: Herb VanHook, member of the BMC CTOs office, and Carl Lehmann, senior research analyst at 451 Research, a part of S&P Global.

If you’ve been following BMC for a while—and we hope you have—you’ve likely  heard about our Autonomous Digital Enterprise (ADE) vision. While we talk about the need to become an ADE over the next five-plus years,  some organizations are already embracing parts of the vision now, according to an early peek at the new ADE Index developed by 451 Research, a part of S&P global. Among the highlights touted by Carl Lehmann, senior analyst:

  • 41 percent of respondents said their organizations currently have dedicated lines of business that operate as distinct digital business domains to create and bring to market digital products and services, with 90 percent of those surveyed calling it an important, very important, or essential differentiator from their competition
  • 39.4 percent of surveyed organizations are automating business and IT processes broadly across their operations today, with 86 percent of respondents saying it is an important, very important, or essential differentiator
  • 43.8 percent of respondents say they are executing within several lines of business a data-driven approach to decisions and operations, with 56.4 percent saying they will scale out their data-driven initiatives across their enterprises in the coming two years.

There will be a lot more content coming on the ADE Index soon, but if you missed the session, you can watch it now on-demand.

The “Next and New” for Every Autonomous Digital Enterprise

Featuring: Ali Siddiqui, BMC Chief Product Officer, and Ram Chakravarti, BMC Chief Technology Officer

The ADE vision does not only apply to our customers; it’s a vision for BMC’s future as well. In this session, Ali Siddiqui, BMC CPO, and Ram Chakravarti, CTO, outlined some of the innovating product work being done here at BMC. One of the highlights was the announcement of Ali’s vision for the ADE Foundation.


The duo also chatted about:

Definitely watch this session if you want to hear how the ADE is coming to life inside the walls of BMC.

Data/Analytics Orchestration with Control-M for COVID-19 Tracking and Recovery

Featuring: Mike Badal, BI/analytics manager, and Fausto Gonzalez, senior data warehousing specialist, both from Tampa General Hospital

As COVID-19 has become the talk of the world, we were glad to have Mike and Fausto join BMC Exchange to share their timely and uplifting success story. They discussed how Tampa General Hospital successfully employed analytics as part of a region-wide effort to track COVID-19 ICU and hospitalization rates. With SQL Server as its primary database platform and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as the primary extract, transform, load (ETL) tool, the hospital was able to get near real-time lab ETL data feeds from the hospital lab system for COVID-19 tests.

Control-M from BMC provided the team with the data review processes it needed to make informed decisions. By gathering usage and inventory data around critical personal protective equipment (PPE), the team helped ensure reserves and plan for purchases with forecasting models and what-if scenarios. With Control-M’s visualizations and Gantt display, the team was able to understand and fine-tune complex reloading scheduling requirements during the morning “rush hours” when data surges occur. The team was also able to identify areas for performance improvements in its real-time COVID apps.

As part of a network of more than 50 hospitals across 13 counties, Tampa General is now accessing, processing, and analyzing the critical data it needs to help ensure robust care during the healthcare crisis. We are proud to partner with this team and encourage you to check out this session to learn more.

Enterprise DevOps Transformation Case Study: Lloyds Banking Group

Featuring: Reg Wilkinson, Agile and DevOps lead, and Jon Richards, mainframe lead, both from Lloyds Banking Group

This year at BMC Exchange, we included a DevOps Leadership track specific to our DevOps loyalists. Reg Wilkinson and Jon Richards from Lloyds Banking Group shared their digital transformation journey and tips and tricks for success. Over the past few years, Lloyds Banking Group has invested heavily in driving the adoption of Agile Development and DevOps practices across its business to strategically modernize its digital service capabilities and align with customer expectations. A few pieces of wisdom they imparted:

  • Be ok with imperfection, just get started!
  • Share the knowledge across all the teams in formal or informal sessions; build communication systems
  • Momentum is everything, nurture the spark and enthusiasm on your team
  • Share your successes and results with management
  • The mainframe is just another platform, so don’t discount it

If you’re a DevOps expert, or novice, watch this session to learn more from the pros who’ve been there and done that.

Here are a few more:

How to Build Your Own Chatbot: If you’re looking to build an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot, this session is for you. Get an overview of BMC Helix Chatbot, learn how to set up your own, how to configure live chat, and how the chatbot can integrate with BMC and third-party solutions.


Innovation Through Automation: The Game Changers: Innovation means you must constantly look for new ways of doing things. The more you can quickly and flawlessly execute, the better the ROI you’ll earn, which leads to more investment and innovation. Automation is an essential component to all of this. Learn how automation-driven actionability is a true game changer for service and operations management.


Control-M Updates and Roadmap: Learn what’s new and coming down the road for Control-M, directly from the product leaders.


BMC Helix Updates and Roadmap: Predictive IT & AIOps: Join us as our product leaders share what’s new and upcoming for BMC Helix.


We had so many great conversations, it was hard to choose which sessions to showcase. Luckily, you can view every session when you register for free at, or directly on the event website. Other can’t miss sessions from Day 1 include:

  • Barriers to Becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise
  • Integrating Dev and Ops with Control-M
  • Predictive IT and AIOps: Critical for Experience Success
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Complacent: Mainframe Security Practices from the Real World

Stay tuned for a recap and highlights from Day 2.

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