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BMC Exchange 2021 Day 2 Recap

BMC Exchange 2021 Day 2 Recap
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Stephanie Grubbs

That’s a wrap on day two of BMC Exchange 2021! We hope you were able to join us for another fantastic day of exciting and enlightening discussions from your global peers, innovators, and technology leaders, but if you weren’t, no worries! We have the highlights for you, and every panel is now streaming on

This year’s event is all about data—customer, IT performance, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and more, and our panelists weighed in with guidance and real-world examples of how they’re using data efficiently to achieve the agility, customer centricity, and actionable insights required to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise and operationalize their most powerful asset to become a Data-Driven Business.

Today started with a fireside chat between BMC Chief Revenue Officer, Jason Andrew, and Shark Tank star and CEO/Founder of FUBU, Daymond John. The two discussed all the ways that data has led Daymond to imagine, invent, and innovate time and time again and how he uses data-driven insights to be the incredible visionary and entrepreneur he is today. Register now and cozy up for the replay of this fireside chat that you don’t want to miss.

Following the fireside chat, we had so many other great panels, from workload automation to operations management and everything in between. Check out a few with direct links below, or feel free to register now (it’s free!) and catch all of the Day 1 (roundup here) and Day 2 panels on demand.

Fireside Chat with CyberMak’s Tasnim Pithapurwala

Today featured a great live session in our BMC Innovation Labs Salon. CyberMAK CTO Tasnim Pithapurwala and BMC’s Sam Lakkundi discussed co-innovating technology to deliver game changing value for your enterprise or customer.

“The BMC Innovations Labs Team – Hat’s off to you guys! You have been the most collaborative with a partner. You have made our journey so much simpler. Every time there was a challenge you all have come up with a solution working with us and the customer as a team. So, that has made it possible, that has made this all come together.”

Tasnim Pithapurwala, CTO, CyberMAK Information Systems

To view the full panel, click here (it’s free to register)!

Operating Business Workflows at Peak Performance with Better Insights

Yesterday BMC announced an exciting new addition to Control-M called Workflow Insights, and Amir Banai, Senior Product Manager at BMC, had the opportunity to show it off during this session.

Driven by workflow telemetry data, Control-M Workflow Insights is a new collection of data-rich dashboards that offer observable insights showing how workflow changes and trends impact the delivery and service level agreements (SLAs) of business services over time.

“[Businesses] across many industries [have] been asked to do the same amount of work, but do it faster. And that requires analyzing workflows to understand…what adjustments can be made so that you can now do the same amount of work in a shorter amount of time.”

Basil Faruqui, Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, BMC

To read more about this new offering, check out this blog and watch Amir show off three of the set of eight highly interactive dashboards by registering and watching the full demo here.

It Can’t Be Done: A Story of 15 Years of Automation in Telstra

Behind the logo of Australia’s iconic Telstra are many stories of innovation and adaption. This story is about one team which grew from humble beginnings to performing over 35+ million orchestrations per month, improving cross-functional automation, operations, and the customer and engineering experience.

Listen in to Roy Partington, Technology Product Owner, and Bryce Howie, Group Principal, at Telstra, as they take us through their 15-year journey from the original challenges they faced, roadblocks, lessons learned, and their successes.

With every experience comes lessons…and I think through this 15-year story so far we’ve tried to distill down a few of the key learnings that we’ve had along the way. And they almost turn into principles for us to guide the way we approach the work we do.”

Bryce Howie, Group Principal, Telstra

To view the full panel, click here (it’s free to register)!

How Humana Built a Modern Mainframe-Inclusive DevOps Toolchain for Increased ROI

Many organizations have realized that the mainframe systems their companies have relied on for years are not only a capable platform for today, but also for the future. Watch Andrew Foster, Director of DevOps, and Gaurav Jaju, Application Architect for Humana, discuss how their organization selected a modern mainframe development environment that enhanced the developer experience, improved business outcomes, and drove return on investment.

The intention here is to just show how the BMC AMI DevX stack fits together to form this ecosystem and how we’ve integrated it with our other DevOps product suites across our broad ecosystem…Humana has almost every technology stack at play you can think of within our ecosystem. And so, stitching these things together and providing a very streamlined experience for the engineers is something that we’re really passionate about in the enterprise engineering enablement team…We think and believe that happy engineers equal productive engineers, right? So we want our engineers to come into work, be excited about the toolset that they’re using, and be able to do their job in as frictionless way as possible.”

Andrew Foster, Director of DevOps, Humana

To view the full panel, click here (it’s free to register)!

Get Maximum File Transfer Visibility, Control, and Integration

File transfers are critical to virtually every business service you deliver. Using separate products to manage file transfers and related application workflows can be risky and complicated, and negatively impact your critical business services. In this session, Robby Dick, Lead Solution Marketing Manager at BMC, talks to Jason Garner, Manager of Workload Automation and Global Cloud Operations at Finastra, about how he and his team handle the automation of batch processing file movements and other automations across Finastra.

Control-M…it’s one solution that gives us the dashboard and the monitoring, and then the ability to roll it out easily, and we can provide secure access to other areas so that they can look into it…It just really expanded our ability to cover more areas, but with a smaller team, a smaller overhead, it’s all in one spot.”

Jason Garner, Manager, Workload Automation and Global Cloud Operations, Finastra

Register for free to watch the full session here and find out how Control-M can give you instant visibility and control over all your internal and external file transfers.

Solutions Roadmaps

BMC Exchange wouldn’t be complete without showcasing some of the new innovations coming soon across each of our solution areas. With a roadmap session for each Control-M/BMC Helix Control-M, BMC Helix ITOM, and BMC Helix ITSM, our product managers take you through what’s coming next for these solutions in the coming years. In the BMC AMI/BMC AMI DevX roadmap, we focus on new innovations and capabilities from the BMC AMI DevX and BMC AMI portfolio with a few AppDev awards given to our customers modernizing the mainframe. Check out each roadmap session to learn what’s next and new for BMC products.

We have one more day left of BMC Exchange 2021. Be sure to register for Day 3, and if you’ve missed any sessions from Day 1 or Day 2 register here to watch on demand today.

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