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BMC Exchange 2020 Day 2 Recap

BMC Exchange 2020
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Stephanie Grubbs

BMC Exchange 2020 was held live (virtually) October 20th-22nd. “This year’s event was our most successful Exchange yet, as we delivered the foundation for our customers, partners, and more, to start their Autonomous Digital Enterprise journey today and thrive in the future,” says BMC CMO Saar Shwartz.

If you weren’t able to attend BMC Exchange 2020 live, or you’re interested in a refresh, you can watch all of them on-demand now at With interactive sessions spread across two half days, we’ve split the highlights into two blogs. You can review the highlights from Day 1 here. For highlights from Day 2, keep reading.

Winners and Losers of the 2020 Race to Digital Transformation

Featuring: David Kirkpatrick, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Techonomy, Drew Ianni, Founder & Chairman of CDX, and Ram Chakravarti, Chief Technology Officer at BMC

Digital transformation has been a well-worn topic for years. Everyone said they were doing it, but the pace was slowed. What’s the rush? The global COVID-19 pandemic put those digital transformation plans into overdrive. Suddenly, everyone got the message—simultaneously. So, who grabbed the opportunity by the horns and who struggled?

Our all-star panel tackled that discussion. They talked about how to innovate to seize on new opportunities born out of the pandemic, and the importance of continuing to innovate while optimizing current business operations. We highly recommend watching this panel discussion on-demand.

CEO Corner

Featuring Ayman Sayed, CEO of BMC, and Jesper Andersen, CEO of Infoblox

Ever want to be a fly on the wall during a conversation between technical execs? This is your chance. BMC CEO Ayman Sayed sat down with Jesper Andersen, CEO of Infoblox, to discuss navigating the current business climate, how to bring innovation to life, and where they’re prioritizing investments. Particularly of interest is the discussion on the hot IPO market, the funding still happening across tech, and where they’re seeing the biggest risks. Channel your inner executive, suits optional (sweatpants encouraged), and hear from the experts.

Control-M: New Release Overview

Featuring: Ram Chakravarti, CTO at BMC; Gur Steif, President of Digital Business Automation at BMC; Guy Eden, product manager at BMC; and, Karol Smeczechowski, vice president of research & development for Control-M

During the opening keynote on Day 1, BMC CEO Ayman Sayed introduced BMC Helix Control-M, the new software as a service (SaaS) version of the venerable Control-M workflow orchestration solution. This panel, which featured BMC’s CTO and senior Control-M leadership, delved further into the new release, highlighting its features and deployment model. Among the topics discussed:

  • Differences between Control-M on-premises and the new BMC Helix Control-M
  • Specific use cases for BMC Helix Control-M
  • The advantages of hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

For customers looking to manage complex workloads in a hybrid-cloud environment, watch this panel discussion to learn how BMC Helix Control-M can help.

Moving From On-Premises to SaaS: Insights from Experience

Featuring: Joe Heyer, global program manager at BMC, Mildo Stolk, global IT manager at Huisman Equipment B.V, and Russell Thurgood, assistant director of service management at The University of Kansas Health System

Moving from on-premises to software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions is a key part of an organization’s digital transformation. In this session, BMC’s Joe Heyer spoke with two BMC customers about their experience with a SaaS migration. Huisman Equipment B.V. is fairly new to migrating and Mildo Stolk, the global IT manager from Huisman, shared insights on how they initially moved to a SaaS setup for select business functions. Based on that initial success, Stolk said they’ve had requests from other business units to move their applications, too. At the University of Kansas Health System, SaaS has been in place for several years, and is prevalent across the organization, not only on BMC applications, but throughout its app environment.

In addressing challenges, both Stolk and Russell Thurgood from University of Kansas Health System agreed that training and documentation are very important, especially as you roll out upgrades and customizations. The biggest benefit both cited was the out-of-the-box ease of use. Moving to SaaS meant that they didn’t have to invest in the hardware, spend time on an installation, or worry about the back end.

To hear more from this comprehensive discussion, and understand the challenges and benefits of moving on-premises to SaaS, view this session at

Think Your Mainframe Can’t Be Hacked? It Can. See It Live.

Featuring: Christopher Perry, lead product manager for BMC AMI Security at BMC, and Chad Rikansrud, director of North American Consulting Services at BMC

With its historical place in the IT world, the mainframe might be considered impenetrable, but our BMC experts prefer to say that it’s the most securable. Yes, it actually can be hacked, but there are measures you can take to prevent that from happening. To set the stage, Chad Rikansrud, director of North American Consulting Services at BMC, defined a hack in very simple terms as, “Anytime you’re using resources in a way they weren’t meant to be used.”

He explained that can mean anything from stealing credentials to accessing an open port on a web server for a remote connection. He said it doesn’t even have to be a super complex code vulnerability. It could be as easy as guessing someone’s password. From there, it’s not just about what they access, but rather what they do once they get in. He then demonstrated hacking into a mainframe through a common vulnerability with an off-the-shelf tool.

To watch this hack, learn more about recent hacks in the news, and services and software BMC can provide to help protect your mainframe from hackers, check this session out.

Here are a few more:

DevOps Transformation: Metrics That Show Business Value: Transforming a 40-year old company from Waterfall to Agile, implementing DevOps, and committing to CI/CD is, to say the least, a journey. Along that journey, baselining, collecting, and analyzing valid metrics are key to identifying bottlenecks in the value stream so adjustments can be made quickly and continuously. Learn how a company increased time spent on innovation, reduced escaped defects, and improved MTTR, and importantly, how measuring KPIs proved that Agile and DevOps really do provide a business advantage.


BMC Helix ITSM Updates and Roadmap: AI ITSM: As business evolves, so do our solutions. Get the inside scoop on the latest and upcoming innovations for BMC Helix ITSM, directly from the product leaders.


Compuware Updates and Roadmap: This year, Compuware joined the BMC family. Learn about the latest product updates and get a sneak peek of what’s coming next.


You can access all sessions highlighted above on-demand when you register for free at, or directly on the event website. Other can’t miss sessions from Day 2:

  • Deliver Rapid Innovation and Compelling Services
  • How AI Can Elevate Your Service and Operations Management
  • Building a Better Software Delivery Platform
  • Why Counting on Audits Could Be Putting Your Mainframe at Risk

We are already looking forward to seeing you at next year’s BMC Exchange!

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