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BMC Statement on Business in Russia and Belarus

BMC Statement on Business in Russia and Belarus
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Ayman Sayed

BMC has decided to stop all business with Russia and Belarus. Our decision to suspend all business and services results directly from the U.S. and European sanctions and mandates on Russia.

Support for Our People in the Region

The well-being of the BMC community is a priority for us. Although we do not have any direct BMC employees in the region, we have been in constant contact with our contracted workforce vendor and BMC community since the rise of the Russia-Ukraine conflict a few weeks ago. BMC has been and remains committed to supporting our contractor workforce.

To date, all BMC contractors have checked in and are safe. We will continue to support efforts in Ukraine to keep our BMC community safe. Our Safety and Security team continues to monitor the situation as it evolves, with the safety of our contractors as well as our business continuity in mind.

BMC Cares Commitment to Do the Right Thing and Prioritize People

The conflict in Ukraine has displaced millions of people and that number continues to rise. BMC employees are supporting our fellow global citizens in alignment with our BMC company values.

Our BMC Cares partner, Tarjimly, is in dire need of translators. Current language needs include Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian, and Polish. Anyone can sign up to become a translator and the process only takes about 45 minutes.

There are also organizations on the ground that we can support. They include:

People in the U.S. can send clothes, shoes, and blankets through GiveBackBox.

We will continue to monitor the situation and are committed to providing our employees, customers, partners, and entire BMC community with updates as we navigate forward together.

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About the author

Ayman Sayed

Ayman Sayed was named president and chief executive officer of BMC Software, Inc., in October 2019.

Prior to joining BMC, Ayman was president and chief product officer of CA Technologies, a $4.25 billion Fortune 500 company, where he was responsible for the vision, strategy, and development of their portfolio of products and solutions. During his tenure, he led a significant transformation of CA into higher-growth businesses including infrastructure software management, security, automation, and DevOps.

Ayman previously served as senior vice president at Cisco Systems where he led the Network Operating System Technology Group, responsible for the software on which nearly every Cisco networking product runs. He helped Cisco pioneer the programmable networks arena and drove innovation broadly across networking software, which enabled the evolution of the intelligent network to support application awareness and the Internet of Things.

Ayman holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cairo University.