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The New Normal

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Ayman Sayed

“Unprecedented times” doesn’t seem to do justice to the situation and environment we find ourselves today. I want to extend my sympathies to everyone affected by COVID-19 and express gratitude to those who are working every day to control the pandemic.

And as we do our part to abide by guidelines set by health organizations and governments, we’re all adjusting to a new life. Whether you’re in a country that is figuring out how to return to pre-coronavirus days, or learning what it means for your nation, today’s global situation requires adjustments for all. I shared some reassurance to our customers and partners that we are also taking measures to help and support their regular and extraordinary business requirements during this time.

Personally, I find myself in a new setting: I now have three sons at home (all day, every day) who are engaged in online learning, I am adjusting to spending more time on video and collaboration technologies to stay connected with customers and partners, and I am using our internal social networking technologies to stay even more connected with employees. These shifts in family dynamics, customer experience, and employee experience are having a profound and unexpected effect on me.

I find myself energized by our human resilience, determination, and increased collaboration. I can keep up with my kids’ lives better because it’s easier to do it. Working from home and studying from home means that our evenings together are easier to coordinate. I work with the smartest people in the industry to solve the biggest challenges for businesses around the world – we’re coming together with different perspectives, because we can with video calls. And even when distance separates us, with today’s tools and technologies, I’ve never felt more connected to our employees and community. There is more transparency and conversation about how to tackle shared challenges, and there are touching insights of everyone’s human side.

I recognize that this is a very fortunate situation to find myself. My new normal is the direct benefit of several factors: high bandwidth availability where I live (and my ability to procure it for my home), leading an organization that has the technology and expertise to transition smoothly to remote operations, and a highly motivated and supremely intelligent workforce that has adapted to our remote working environment maturely and efficiently.

Focusing on the heart of my new normal highlights the advancements that BMC has made over the years. We use our own products that support the customer and employee experience, IT and applications orchestration and management, and processes that leverage the power of AI and automation. We are on a journey to an Autonomous Digital Enterprise that pays no heed to business barriers and geographical boundaries, that allows people to focus on how we address the challenges that we face as global citizens while our technology investments run the business efficiently with minimal interference or involvement.

We can let situations like the one we find ourselves in today force us to transform and reinvent our IT strategy and company plans. Or we can use it as an opportunity to redefine what the future looks like for the global economy, our own innovation ecosystems, and our people.

The ability to run a global business remotely is not restricted to specific industries or sectors. It’s the right of every organization by using the technology they already have, and the software that runs their business today, with new solutions.

We’ve embraced the opportunity at BMC and we have built in the technology and processes that ensure we can stay agile, focused on our customers, take the right actions at the right time to focus on what we can do during this time to support while we look ahead.

Reach out if we can help you do the same.

Stay healthy, stay well.

Ayman Sayed
President, CEO
BMC Software

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About the author

Ayman Sayed

Ayman Sayed was named president and chief executive officer of BMC Software, Inc., in October 2019.

Prior to joining BMC, Ayman was president and chief product officer of CA Technologies, a $4.25 billion Fortune 500 company, where he was responsible for the vision, strategy, and development of their portfolio of products and solutions. During his tenure, he led a significant transformation of CA into higher-growth businesses including infrastructure software management, security, automation, and DevOps.

Ayman previously served as senior vice president at Cisco Systems where he led the Network Operating System Technology Group, responsible for the software on which nearly every Cisco networking product runs. He helped Cisco pioneer the programmable networks arena and drove innovation broadly across networking software, which enabled the evolution of the intelligent network to support application awareness and the Internet of Things.

Ayman holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cairo University.